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Starfield Hopetown Glitch: Guards Spawning In Lobby

Starfield Hopetown Glitch is one of the bugs in the game that ruins the gaming experience.

The hopetown glitch in Starfield is a bug that causes some of the guards in Hopetown to attack the player on sight even after completing missions.

Thus, it makes it difficult for players to complete other quests that require entering Hopetown.

Continue reading more to explore the glitch of Hopetown in Starfield.

How To Avoid Hopetown Glitch In Starfield?

A glitch causes the Hopetown guards to become hostile and attack the player for no reason.

Fortunately, here are some ways to avoid the hopetown glitch.

1. Leave The Planet And Come Back

This is a simple trick that might work for some players.

Just exit Hopetown, go to your spaceship, and fly to another planet.

Hopetown location in Starfield
Hopetown location in Starfield.

Then, return to Eos and enter Hopetown again. This might trigger the next Ranger quest to start.

2. Kill The Extra Guards That Spawn

This is a workaround for players who have killed Ron Hope and faced hostility from the Hopetown workers.

After killing Ron Hope, you might notice that some extra guards will appear in the lobby of his office building.

If you kill them as well, you might be able to leave Hopetown without being attacked by the workers.

3. Confront To Gisselle Before Leaving

Gisselle is Ron Hope’s subordinate who helps you infiltrate his office.

If you have killed Ron Hope and want to avoid conflict with the workers, you can try talking to Gisselle before exiting the building.

Furthermore, she can offer you a way out without alerting anyone.

4. Use Non-Lethal Weapons To Disable Guards

This is a solution for players who want to avoid killing the guards and getting a bounty or reputation penalty.

However, players can use weapons like the Nova Blaster or the Nova Blast Disruptor, which fire non-lethal EM pulses that knock out enemies.

Non lethalweapon in starfield
Non-lethal weapon in Starfield.

Moreover, they can also use powers like Creator’s Peace, which pacifies hostile targets for a short time.

This way, you can sneak past the guards or knock them out without killing them.

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Tricks To Avoid Hometown Guards Attacks

Sudden attacks from guards can reduce your health so it must be avoided.

These are some ways to avoid attacks from the Hopetown Guards:

  1. Players can use Diplomacy to unlock under the social category, which allows the players to talk their way out of combat situations.
  2. Further, players can also use Stealth to unlock under the combat category, which allows the players to move silently and avoid detection by enemies.
  3. They can use non-lethal weapons, such as Stun Guns, Tranquilizer Darts, or Nova blast disruptors which can knock out the guards without killing them.
  4. Also, save the game, close it, and reload it, which can sometimes fix the glitch and make the guards stop attacking you.

Diplomacy And Stealth In Starfield

There are two skills that players can unlock and improve in the game to overcome the hopetown glitch.

Players can unlock Diplomacy and Stealth skills, which help them talk their way out of combat and move silently, respectively.

1. Diplomacy

Diplomacy can be used by players on the hostile guards and try to calm them down or distract them while you sneak past them.

Besides, players need to have a high charisma stat and a good reputation with the guard’s faction.

Lastly, Diplomacy can be very useful if you want to avoid unnecessary violence and gain allies or information.

2.  Stealth

The players can use stealth to sneak around the guards and avoid their line of sight.

Moreover, the players can also use gadgets like cloaking devices or smoke grenades to conceal themselves.

The players also need to wear light armor or clothing that does not make much sound or reflect light.

Still, if you want to avoid direct confrontation and access restricted areas or items, stealth can be very useful.

Players can bypass the Hopetown glitch and complete the missions without being attacked by Hopetown guards using Diplomacy and stealth.

However, these skills are not foolproof and may not work for everyone.

The Bottom Line

Overall, The Hopetown Glitch could frustrating for the players as the guards keep attacking the players unexpectedly.

However, players can always mitigate the issue by completing the empty nest quest first leaving the planet and returning.

In addition, the players can use diplomacy and stealth skills to avoid confrontations.

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