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Mortal Kombat: How Did Johnny Cage Get His Powers?

Mortal Kombat is a media franchise that revolves around a collection of fighting video games that were initially created by Midway Games in 1992.

Being a fighting game, there is a large list of warriors that players can select from with a wide range of fighting styles and abilities.

Among them, Johnny Cage is one of the most popular ones with great powers.

Although how he has access to mysterious “green powers” is not fully explained in the games, it says that his bloodlines trace back to an ancient Mediterranean cult.

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Who Is Johnny Cage? 

Johnny Cage is one the most iconic characters from the Mortal Kombat franchise and has featured in almost every mainline installment since his debut.

In Mortal Kombat 1, he plays a significant part in the main storyline by joining forces with three other Earthrealm fighters to participate in the tournament held in Outworld.

Mortal Kombat: Johnny Cage
Mortal Kombat: Johnny Cage

His character is famously known for his acting skills, military training, martial arts mastery, and unique Fatalities.

Moreover, Cage’s powers make him a widely famous character, as he can throw green balls of force energy.

He can also enhance his speed with the same energy.

In the 2011 game, Johnny discovers his powers while attempting to rescue Sonya from Shinnok.

Though being surprised by the abilities, he quickly learns how to take advantage of them quickly.

The 2015 game Mortal Kombat X further explores his powers. Johnny faces mortality in this game when Shinnok kills his daughter, Cassie.

With the newfound strength and determination, he overcomes his grief to ultimately defeat Shinnok.

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Where His Powers Come From?

Having access to these mysterious powers and being arguably one of the most powerful characters in the game has led many fans to want to know the origin of it.

The games do not fully explain how he got his powers and leave it as a mystery, to be precise.

Mortal Kombat: Johnny Cage's Power
Mortal Kombat: Johnny Cage’s Power

However, in Mortal Kombat X, Johnny Cage states that he gets power from his bloodline tracing back to an ancient Mediterranean cult.

According to Mortal Kombat 2011, Johnny descended from a Mediterranean cult that bred warriors for the gods with unique abilities.

All Johnny Cage Fatalities in Mortal Kombat 1

Being one of the coolest Kombatants in the Mortal Kombat franchise, Johnny Cage has some brutal animated fatalities.

In Mortal Kombat 1, playing an important role, he goes to Outworld with three other Earthrealmers for a tournament.

Players will not be able to use their finisher in that tournament, but they can use other game modes to try them.

He contains two fatalitie styles in Mortal Kombat 1.

  1. First Fatality: The first fatality is called the Hollywood Walk of Pain. It can be triggered by pressing forward, back, down, or back punch while standing at close range.
  2. Second Fatality: The second one does not have a specific name. It can be pulled off by pressing forward, down, back, and kick while at medium range.

The Bottom Line

Mortal Kombat is a fighting action-adventure genre game with a reputation for high levels of graphic violence, including, most notably, its fatalities.

Moreover, the extensive character lineups, following their own story and power, also play a huge role in getting the players into the game.

One is Johnny Cage, whose personality and power make him one of the most played characters.

Ultimately, the origin of Cage’s power, a mystery for many, answers that he derives his power from his descendants.

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