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Lies Of P: An Overview Of Pray At Statue

In Lies of P, players can use various gestures and emotes to show their emotions in the game in front of Non-Player Characters.

Similarly, they can perform gestures to show respect, unlock secrets or memories, and gain rewards.

In Lies of P, Pray at Statue is the mid-game gesture performed in St. Frangelico Catherdral Chapel to increase humanity points. Players can use 17 gestures, like praying, fearing, clapping, swaggering, and taunting, at specific locations.

Continue to read more about the locations and techniques to perform a pray gesture in front of the statue.

What Is The Pray Gesture At Statue?

Pray gesture is the emote players use to interact with the NPC and show their respect towards the departed ones.

Similarly, you should sit on the floor kneeling on one leg with your head bowed down in front of the one-winged statue to perform prayer.

Pray Gesture in Lies of P.
Pray Gesture in Lies of P.

“Prayers for god, mourning for the departed. Whatever they are, they are not emotions ordinary puppets could feel.” is the main theme of the prayer.

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Location Of Pray At Statue In Lies Of P

In Lies of P, the statue where players perform Pray gesture is located in the Cathedral area.

The statue is near the entrance of the Cathedral where you can see the large cross and a fountain.

Here are the steps to follow to find the location and perform the Pray at Statue task:

  1. First, you should complete Sister Cecile’s side quest at the Cathedral.
  2. Go to the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library and head towards the small room at the left of the Stargazer.
St. Frangelico Cathedral Library
St. Frangelico Cathedral Library in Lies of P.
  1. In the room, you will find Sister Cecile, who will order you to collect the Holly Marks and return them to her.
  2. To find the Holly Mark, go to the side room with a safe and collect the Holly Mark. Then, return back to her.
Holly Mark in Lies Of P
Holly Mark in Lies Of P.
  1. Defeat Archbishop Andreus first and return to the location of Cecile. After returning to Sister, she will provide you with Cecile’s Written Confession.
  2. Read the confession to unlock the prayer mode in the game.

Additionally, you can get the Pray gesture after reading Cecile’s Written Confession.

Moreover, you should return to the small shrine right before the Cathedral where you will find the angel statue.

Pray in front of the statue.
Pray in front of the statue.

Now, use the Pray gesture in front of the one-winged statue. Using the Pray gesture at the statue in Lies of P will give you some humanity points.

How To Perform Pray At Statue?

To perform the Pray at statue gesture, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Quick Select Gesture Menu. There the list of gestures will appear including fear, anger, clap, sit, swagger, etc.
  2. Alternatively, you can go to the Gesture Menu. Then, select the desired gesture you would like to perform.
  3. Click on the “Pray” gesture from the list. Now, you will kneel down with a bowed head performing a prayer.

The Bottom Line

Hence, Players perform various gesture which helps them to express their emotions clearly and interact with the NPC.

These gestures and emotes are really useful for players as they can help further to complete the task easily.

Moreover, players should complete different levels to unlock the gesture and benefit from it.

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