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Ship Contains Modules That Exceed Reactor Class Error: How To Fix?

Starfield players face an error message that says, “Ship contains modules that exceed reactor class.”

Players are having trouble while using modules on their ships. This error can prevent you from flying your ship or using its functions.

“Ship contains modules that exceed reactor class” error occurs when you try to use modules requiring a higher reactor class. The reactor class must be equal to or higher than the class of any modules you install. 

Continue reading more about Starfield ship which contains modules that exceed reactor class error and ways to fix it.

What Is Starfield Ship Reactor?

Starfield Reactor is equipment that powers every other electrical component on your vessel.

Players can only equip one high-power generator on their starship, as other vital components such as engines also require significant power.

Similarly, there are three classes of reactors: A, B and C, with C being the highest quality.

Also, Modules are classified from A to C based on their power needs and compatible reactors.

ship contains modules that exceed reactor class
Different types of Reactors in Starfield.

Furthermore, they must have a class ranking of A to use higher-ranked modules like weapons. This means that you also need a class A reactor to use them.

Likewise, if you want to use a class B module, you must have a class B reactor, and so on.

However, Reactors also have the ability to utilize class modules that are lower than their own classification.

For instance, a B-class reactor has the capability to use both A and B-class modules.

On the other hand, a C-class reactor can operate with A, B, and C modules. Therefore, the C-class reactor is the most adaptable option for your vessel.

Ship Contains Modules That Exceed Reactor Class Error

Starfield players are experiencing errors when installing modules that require more energy than the ship’s reactors can handle.

This error can cause problems such as reduced performance, system failures, reactor overheating, or reactor damage.

ship contains modules that exceed reactor class
“Ship contains modules that exceed reactor class” error.

For example, if you have a class B reactor, it may not provide sufficient power for a class C component, resulting in an error.

Similarly, if you have a Class A reactor, you can not use a Class B or Class C module.

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Possible Solutions For Exceeding Reactor Class

Players have tried solving the “ship contains modules that exceed reactor class” error using different processes.

You can try removing the incompatible module from your ship and replacing it with a compatible one.

Furthermore, below are some of the possible solutions to fix this error:

1. Upgrade The Reactor 

If you are having trouble with exceeding reactor class error, you can try finding a higher class reactor that matches or exceeds the class of your modules.

For example, if you have a class B ship with a class C module, you must upgrade your reactor to class C.

Additionally, to obtain higher-class reactors for your starship, you can purchase them, loot them, or craft them.

Similarly, higher-class reactors and ships require specific skills: Starship Design and Piloting.

2. Downgrade The Modules

Players can also try to remove or replace the modules that exceed their reactor class.

For example, if you have a B-class ship with a C-class module, you can swap it with a B-class or lower module.

If you have extra modules, you can sell, scrap, or store them at any large settlement with a starport or an outpost with a landing pad.

You can also remove these modules, which may result in losing specific benefits, like their superior performance, durability, and efficiency.

3. Balance The Components

In Starfield, players can also balance the components of their ship so that they do not exceed the reactor class.

For example, if you have a B-class ship with a C-class and A-class modules, you can balance them by adding another A-class module.

You can ensure your module class matches your reactor class by finding components in settlements with starports or outposts with landing pads.

However, you may need to adjust your power output and consumption accordingly, as different components may have different power requirements and effects.

The Bottom Line

Starfieldis allows players to customize their spaceships with different modules and reactors.

However, players need to be careful about the class of their reactors and modules as they have to watch or exceed each other,

Other they may encounter an error message “Ship contains modules that exceed reactor class.”

Moreover, this error can be fixed by upgrading, downgrading or balancing the components.

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