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Can You Upgrade The Cutter In Starfield?

In Starfield, upgrading the cutter is a crucial part of the game since it helps to mine rare items and make the process faster.

However, it isn’t easy to do so after all upgrading the cutter is very difficult.

Upgrading a cutter in Starfield is impossible since the game doesn’t have such functionality that lets the players upgrade their cutter to a higher level by no means. 

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What Is The Cutter In Starfield?

The cutter is a heavy weapon that can also be used as a mining tool.

Additionally, it shoots a powerful laser beam that can break down materials and collect them.

Players can mine minerals, metals, crystals, and other resources using the cutter for crafting, trading, or equipment upgrades.

Similarly, you can customize your clutter with different attachments and upgrades to suit your playstyle and preference.

Furthermore, you can also use it to damage enemies, especially those with shields or armor.

How To Upgrade The Cutter In Starfield?

Unfortunately, there is no way to upgrade the cutter in Starfield.

The cutter you start with is the only one you will have throughout the game. You cannot change its appearance, stats, or functionality.

You can only modify it slightly by using a workbench. The workbench is a device that allows you to customize your weapons and armor.

Similarly, you can use it to add attachments, change colors, or apply effects to your equipment. Thus, the workbench has limited options for the cutter.

Many players are disappointed by the limited upgrade options for the cutter, as they were hoping for more variety and customization for their mining tool.

Other players have suggested that the developers should add more cutters in the game or at least allow players to upgrade their existing ones.

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Are There Any Other Cutters In Starfield?

At the beginning of Starfield, the only cutter available is the one you start with, except for Heller’s Cutter, which is an exception.

Heller’s Cutter is a unique variation of the ordinary cutter that can be found in the game. It is not a mining tool but a heavy weapon that can damage enemies and structures.

Additionally, this clutter includes various modifications and characteristics that make it more powerful than the conventional cutter.

Helle's Cutter location in Starfield
Helle’s Cutter location in Starfield.

To receive Heller’s Cutter, you need to accomplish the primary mission dubbed “Back to Vectera” on the moon of Anselon in the Narian system.

Once you approach the Argos Mining Facility in Vectera, you may discover Heller’s Cutter in the control hab.

It is found on a weapon rack along the right-hand side of the room. It also offers various benefits over the ordinary cutter.

Similarly, it boasts a longer and thicker laser beam that can do more harm and penetrate deeper into materials.

Helle's Cutter Stat in Starfield
Helle’s Cutter Stat in Starfield.

The clutter also features a quicker firing rate and decreased heat generation. Its strong beam can easily demolish opponents, vehicles, and structures.

Heller’s Cutter also has a special perk called Disassembler, which enables it to deliver +20% damage against robots.

Furthermore, this makes it a crucial tool for mining and fighting, especially against robotic adversaries.

Uses Of Heller’s Cutter In Starfield

Heller’s Cutter is a unique variant of the clutter that can cut through enemies, materials and obstacles.

There are several uses for this upgraded version compared to the regular one in the game.

Some of the Heller’s cutter uses are:

  • Mining resources such as nickel, iron, and other materials.
  • Since it has unlimited ammo, it can be used to deal damage to lower-level enemies.
  • It is a great weapon that is useful for many missions that require mining that is harder to mine than a normal cutter.

The Bottom Line

Starfield players want to upgrade Cutter but have no upgrade options and no alternatives in the game.

The only exception is Heller’s Cutter, which is a unique weapon that belongs to an enemy character.

The cutter could have been more interesting and fun if it had more variety and customization options for players to choose from.

Hopefully, the developers will add more cutters or upgrade options in future updates or DLCs for Starfield.

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