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Starfield Companionway Vs. Storeroom: Which One Is Better?

In Starfield, Companionway and Storeroom is a storage module that helps to store your items.

However, choosing your storage space is very difficult since there isn’t much storage space to store many items.

Companionway vs Storeroom in Starfield compares two storage modules that are part of a ship since these modules provide different functions and features to the ship.

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What Is Companionway In Starfield?

Companionway is a type of module that helps to connect the other modules.

However, it is an empty container, allowing players to move around their ship and access different areas.

Companionway 1x1 modules in Starfield
Companionway 1×1 modules in Starfield.

Similarly, companionway modules come in different shapes and sizes such as Deimos Companionway 1×1, Deimos Companionway 2×1, and Deimos Companionway 3×1.

The companionway module’s size and shape determine its connectivity and space usage on the ship.

What Is Storeroom In Starfield?

Storeroom is a type of module that only provides storage space to the ship.

Similarly, it is a room that can hold various items, such as weapons, armor, food, materials, and more.

Storeroom 1x1 module in Starfield
Storeroom 1×1 module in Starfield.

Likewise, the storeroom also comes in different shapes and sizes, such as Nova Galactic Storeroom 1×1 and Nova Galactic All-in-One Berth 2×1 A.

The size and shape of the storeroom module determine how much storage capacity it has and how much space it takes up on the ship.

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Companionway Vs Storeroom: Differences

Companionway and Storeroom are two types of modules that you can attach to your ship in Starfield.

There are several differences between Companionway and Storeroom modules in Starfield.

Here are some of them:

1. Function

Companionway modules serve as connectors between other modules which is more reliable.

While storeroom modules serve as containers to store the items.

Furthermore, Companionway modules have more functionality than Storeroom modules.

2. Appearance

Companionway modules look like empty hallways with doors and windows.

On the other hand, Storeroom modules look like rooms with shelves and crates.

The Storeroom feels more like room to be in than Companionway in Starfield.

3. Variety

Companionway modules have more variety in terms of size and shape than storeroom modules.

For example, there are three types of companionway modules. They are Deimos Companionway 1×1, Deimos Companionway 2×1, and Deimos Companionway 3×1.

However, there are only two types of storeroom modules. They are Nova Galactic Storeroom 1×1 and a Nova Galactic All-in-One Berth 2×1 A.

4. Availability

Companionway modules are more common and easier to find than storeroom modules.

For example, players can buy companionway modules from various vendors across the galaxy, while storeroom modules are rarer and expensive.

Since there are fewer options for a Storeroom, it is difficult to find one than Companionway.

Pros And Cons Of Companionway In Starfield

Companionway modules serve as a corridor between different parts of your ship and provide storage space for your items.

Similarly, it has various advantages and disadvantages in Starfield.

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of two different modules are given below:

Pros Of Companionway

Below are some of the pros of Companionway:

  1. The module allows players to customize their ship layout and design by connecting different modules.
  2. It also provides access to different parts of the ship, such as the cockpit, the engine room, the cargo bay, etc.
  3. It can be used to create shortcuts or alternative routes within the ship.
  4. It can be decorated with various items or furniture to make the ship more cozy or personal.

Cons Of Companionway

Below are some of the cons of Companionway:

  1. It does not provide any additional function or feature for the ship, other than connecting other modules.
  2. It takes up space on the ship that could be used for other modules with more benefits or utility.
  3. It can be confusing or disorienting to navigate through a complex network of companionways.
  4. It can be vulnerable to attacks or damage from enemies or hazards.

Pros And Cons Of Storeroom In Starfield

In Starfield, you can attach a storeroom module to your ship.

Before choosing this storage option, it’s important to consider its pros and cons for your items.

Below are some of the pros and cons of Stoeroom in Starfield:

Pros Of Storeroom

Here are some pros of Storeroom:

  1. The ship’s storage space can be used for items not currently needed or saved for later use.
  2. It can help players manage inventory and organize items by category or type.
  3. It can increase the value or performance of the ship by storing valuable or useful items, such as rare weapons, armor, materials, etc.
  4. It can be secured with locks or traps to prevent theft or intrusion from enemies or rivals.

Cons Of Storeroom

Here are some cons of Storeroom:

  1. It does not provide any other function or feature for the ship besides storing items.
  2. It takes up space on the ship that could be used for other modules with more benefits or utility.
  3. It can be difficult to find or access specific items among a large collection of items in the storeroom.
  4. It can be risky to store too many items in the storeroom, as they can be lost or destroyed if the ship is damaged or destroyed.

The Bottom Line

In Starfield, Companionway vs Storeroom can be used to customize the spaceship.

Similarly, they have different functionalities, appearances, varieties, and availability in the game.

Furthermore, choosing between companionway and storeroom modules depends upon personal taste, strategy, or necessity.

Ultimately, players can experiment with different module combinations to create their unique and optimal spaceship in Starfield.

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