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Starfield Can’t Build Outpost: Causes And Fixes

In Starfield, players must build an outpost to access and sell resources while exploring a planet.

But in recent days, some players cannot build outposts for unknown reasons, even after trying to place them on multiple planets.

The problem seems to be a bug that affects many players and can be very frustrating.

The problem that players encounter can be a bug or glitch that prevents them from building outposts in specific locations. Some ways to overcome this include saving and reloading, trying different locations or planets, etc.

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What Is An Outpost In Starfield?  

In Starfield, an outpost is a small base that players can build as a checkpoint to gain resources.

Similarly, it is also used for storing items and resources to sell and use while exploring a planet. Likewise, outposts can be built on any planet or moon that has a solid surface.

Players can build almost anywhere on any planet or moon that has a solid surface.

It is possible to operate manufacturing operations at the outpost, mine resources, or simply store a collection of fetching wooden ducks.

Starfield Can’t Build Outpost: Possible Reasons 

Players can’t build outposts in specific locations in Starfield due to a bug or glitch preventing them from placing the outpost beacon in third-person view.

There are many reasons why players can’t build an outpost in Starfield and some of them are given below:

1. Game Design

Players cannot build outposts due to how the game is designed.

Since the game does not allow players to place objects close together, it can limit the options for building outposts.

This makes it difficult for players to build outposts that are close together.

Moreover, this issue may have been intentionally designed by developers to prevent clipping and overlapping problems.

2. Bug Or Glitch

Players have reported a bug preventing outpost beacon placement in specific locations or third-person view.

This is a known issue admitted by Starfield developers and is expected to be fixed in a future patch.

3. Extreme Planet Conditions

Some planets have extreme conditions such as temperature, pressure, and atmosphere that require special skills or modules to build outposts on them.

Sometimes adding skill points to perk slots helps to build an outpost.

However, it is not always necessary or sufficient to build an outpost.

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Starfield Can’t Build Outpost: Fixes

The developers of Starfield are working on a patch to fix the bug or glitch that prevents some players from building an outpost.

However, players can try to use some potential solutions and below are some of them.

1. Modding The Game

Players can solve the problem by using mods in the game, but it is important to note that doing so may alter the game mechanics and cause a risk.

Although it may be risky to do so, it can allow the players to place objects closer together.

2. Save And Reload 

Sometimes, saving and reloading the game can fix minor issues or glitches. 

Players can try saving their game before trying to build an outpost, and then reload it if they encounter any problems.

3. Try Different Location Or Planet

If players are unable to build an outpost in a specific location or planet, they can try finding another spot that is suitable for building. 

Players can use their scanner to detect potential outpost sites marked by green circles on the map. 

Alternatively, players can travel to another planet and try building an outpost there.

4. Verify game files or reinstall

If none of the above solutions work, players may need to verify the integrity of their game files or reinstall the game entirely. 

This can help fix any corrupted or missing files that may cause issues with the game. 

Furthermore, players can verify or reinstall their game files through Steam, Xbox Game Pass, or Bethesda Launcher.

How To Build An Outpost In Starfield?

Players must first find a suitable location to build an outpost in Starfield. The location should have a solid surface and be free of obstacles.

Once you find a suitable location, you must place the outpost module.

Also, the outpost module is used as the foundation for the outpost. Once the module is placed, you can start building the outpost.

Option to build an Outpost in Starfield
Option to build an Outpost in Starfield.

Similarly, different ways exist to build an outpost on different platforms such as PC, Xbox, and PS5.

However, to place an outpost on Xbox, you need to press the LB button on your controller.

Similarly, for PCs you need to press the F button on your keyboard respectively.

Building Outpost layout in Starfield
Building Outpost layout in Starfield.

Afterward, this will help to open a scanner where you can press the X button on the Xbox or the R button on the PC.

After this, it will lay down an outpost on the surrounding land that you have placed. After placing an outpost layout, you can start building your outpost in the same place.

Inside the Outpost in Starfield
Inside the Outpost in Starfield.

Similarly, you can add walls, floors, and other objects to your outpost. Likewise, you can also make this as storage by adding a storage container.

With this, you can use this to store items and resources to sell or use while exploring planets.

The Bottom Line

Building an outpost in Starfield is a fun and rewarding feature that allows players to create their bases on different planets.

In Starfield, some players can’t build outpost due to a bug or glitch that prevents building in specific locations or in a third-person view.

However, there are various ways to fix this issue as shown in this article. Similarly, to build an outpost players need to understand the design and rules of the game.

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