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Best Weapons For Class A Ship: Which To Equip?

In Starfield, players must equip their ships with the best weapons to survive in a hostile environment.

According to the different classes of ships in the game, there are several weapons.

Class A ships require weapons that consider factors like damage, range, fire rate, and power consumption. For class A ship, Singe 4 Mw Laser, PBO-50 Auto Proton Beam, Vanguard Obliterator Autoprojector, etc., are best weapons.

In this article, we will discover some of the best weapons used in the Class A ships in Starfield.

Top 5 Best Weapons For Class A Ship

Starfield features four primary types of ship weapons: ballistic, missile, laser, and particle. All weapons are powerful and will prepare your spaceship for space battles.

Some of the best weapons for Class A ships in Starfield are listed below:

1. Vanguard Obliterator Autoprojector

Vanguard Obliterator Autoprojector is the most powerful weapon for Class A ships.

Additionally, the weapon has a maximum power requirement of 2, allowing you to install up to six turrets per slot.

This will result in a total DPS of 439, which is the second-highest among all high-end weapons in the Auto projector category.

Vanguard Obliterator Autoprojector is best weapons for class a ship
Vanguard Obliterator Autoprojector in Starfield.

The Vanguard has a range of 3000, a fire rate of 6.65, and deals 11 hull and shield damage. It has a crew capacity of 0.5.

Similarly, you need to join the Vanguard faction to buy this weapon. You should find it in specific locations like Akila, New Homestead, or Stroud Ekland showroom on Neon.

2. Singe 4 Mw Laser

Singe 4MW Laser is a Class A weapon module in Starfield that deals 7 hull damage and 22 shield damage per shot, with a fire rate of 3.49 shots per second.

Additionally, it has a range of 1250 meters, a power requirement of 4, and has 0.5 crew capacity.

The Singe 4MW Laser is suitable for Class A ships in Starfield, as long as you have enough power to support it and you prefer to target enemy shields.

Similarly, the weapon can be acquired from the Ship Technician in the game. Players must have Starship Design skills at rank 2 to equip this module.

3. PBO-50 Auto Proton Beam

The PBO-50 Auto Proton Beam is a class A particle weapon that can be installed on any ship with sufficient power and hull space.

It is a good choice for fast, agile ships that can get close to their targets since it has a high fire rate and moderate damage output.

Additionally, it has a fire rate of 6.65 rounds per second, a range of 3,000 meters. Its value is 24,100, and it requires 38 levels.

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4. CE-09 Missile Launcher

The CE-09 Missile Launcher is a ship weapon belonging to Ballistic Solutions Inc.

It is a Class A weapon that deals 36 damage to both hull and shields, has a fire rate of 1, and ranges of 4,000.

Additionally, it is a missile launcher that can fire explosive projectiles at enemy ships. It has a hull of 1, a mass of 1, a max power of 3, and a value of 1700 credits.

The CE-09 Missile Launcher is designed for use with Class A ships in Starfield, which are the fastest and smallest ships in the game.

Similarly, they have low hull and shield ratings but high maneuverability and speed. They can equip up to four weapons, two on each side.

If you want to equip the CE-09 Missile Launcher on your Class A ship, you must find a Ship Technician who can install it.

Furthermore, you can also buy the CE-09 Missile Launcher from some vendors or loot it from enemy ships.

5. Mauler 105U Cannon

Mauler 105U Cannon is a class A weapon with an 800 range and a 3.49 fire rate. The weapon fires high-velocity projectiles that damage both the hull and shield.

Additionally, it is manufactured by Horizon Defense, a brand specializing in ship weapons and modules.

The Mauler 105U Cannon is suitable for class A ships in Starfield, as it has a high fire rate and moderate damage output.

Moreover, it can engage enemies at medium range and chip away at their defenses.

The Bottom Line

In Starfield, Class A ships are fast and agile but have low defenses and limited weapon slots. Therefore, you must choose your weapons wisely and balance different factors.

Players can consider the above-mentioned weapons which belong to different categories for their Class A ship.

Moreover, you can find these weapons from various sources, such as Ship Technicians, vendors, loot, or faction rewards. You can also upgrade them with modules to enhance their performance.

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