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Best Reactor For Class C Ship In Starfield: Which To Use?

Starfield game has a vast universe that lets you create your custom starship.

One of the important aspects of your starship is the reactor, which provides the power and energy for your ship’s systems and weapons.

The finest class C reactor in Starfield relies on the preferences and needs of the player depending on gaming mechanics and experience. Some of the best class C reactors have high repair rates, greater power generation, and high reactor health.

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Reactors In Starfield

Reactors in Starfield are the power source for the ships as it determines the power of your engines, weapons, shields, and grav drive.

Getting the most powerful reactor in the game gives you more power to put into each ship module.

In addition, reactors come in different categories with different ship classes i.e., A, B and C classes.

Class C ship reactors are of high quality, which sets the tier limit of parts that can be attached to your ship.

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List Of Best Reactors For Class C Ship

Many reactors are compatible with Class C ships in the Starfield game.

However, finding the best reactor for a Class C ship is essential as it boosts your ship’s capabilities.

Some of the best reactors for a Class C ship are mentioned below:

1.SF40 Sheared Flow

This reactor offers the highest Power Generation of 40 and a reactor Health of 116.

SF40 Sheared Flow Reactor consists of a hull of 1315 with a repair rate of 5.80.

Acquiring this Dogstar reactor in Starfield requires Piloting (Rank 4) and a Starship design(Rank 2).

Players must reach level 60 at Akila City Ship Technician to purchase it.

SF40 Sheared Flow Reactor
SF40 Sheared Flow Reactor in Starfield.

This reactor is ideal for ships that prioritize power and durability over speed.

Additionally, it can provide enough power to run multiple modules at once, such as weapons, shields, engines, or grav drive.

Likewise, compared to other reactors in its class, it has a higher damage tolerance, making it more durable in combat.

2. Fusor DC402

Fusor DC402 is among the best C-class reactors, as it provides high power output, a decent hull strength, and a good repair rate for its size and mass.

This Fusor DC402 reactor has a power generation of 38 and a reactor health of 115.

Theta Pinch D9 Reactor in Starfield Game.
Fusor DC402 Reactor in Starfield Game.

Moreover, this reactor has a hull of 1190 and a repair rate of 5.75 which can protect it from some damage.

It is suitable for ships that need to generate a lot of power or have high repair needs.

You need a Piloting Rank of 4 and a Starship Design Rank of 3 to purchase this Reactor.

Similarly, it is of Deep Core brand with 3 crew capacity.

3. Theta Pinch D9

Theta Pinch D9 reactor consists of a power generation of 37 and a reactor health of 122.

Additionally, it is manufactured by Amun Dunn and has a Hull 1215.

It is one of the best class C reactors, with a repair rate of 6.09.

Theta Pinch D9 Reactor
Theta Pinch D9 Reactor in Starfield.

Theta Pinch D9 has a piloting rank of 4 and a starship design rank of 2.

Moreover, the Theta Pinch D9 reactor benefits players as it gives good health.

How To Find The Best Reactors For Class C Ship?

Finding the best reactors for your ship depends upon your ship’s capabilities.

To get the best reactor for your ship, you must consider the following points:

  1. Look for the power generation of the reactor as it determines how much power you can use for your weapons, shields and engines.
  2. Players should focus on the repair rate of the reactor to find out the ship’s speed and damage recovery.
  3. The hull strength of the reactor matters as this will impact the damage-taking capacity before the ship is damaged.
  4. One of the major factors in choosing the reactor is health. Go for the reactor with higher health rates.
  5. Lastly, choose the suitable reactor with piloting rank and starship design rank for your ship.

The Bottom Line

In the Starfield game, finding the best class c reactor depends on your class, budget, and preferences.

Therefore, players should focus on choosing the best Class C ship reactor among many considering the reactor’s weight, size, and price.

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