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Starfield Ship Rendered Inoperable: How To Fix And Operate It?

In Starfield, he finds a derelict ship, which is a ship that has been abandoned or damaged and is floating in space.

However, not all derelict ships are easy to access or repair. Some of them are rendered inoperable, meaning they cannot be flown or controlled by the player.

In Starfield, operating any spaceship for players is tough when a ship is rendered inoperable. However, there are some ways to make it operate, such as modding, repairing the ship, etc.

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What Does It Mean For A Ship To Be Rendered Inoperable?

It is very frustrating when you obtain the ship and want to operate it, and it shows rendered inoperable.

There are many reasons why ships are rendered inoperable in Starfield.

Ship Rendered Inoperable in Starfield
Metropolis Ship rendered inoperable in Starfield .

Here are some of the reasons that can make a ship rendered inoperable, such as:

  1. If there is any damage to the hull, engine, or other essential components, it can cause significant problems.
  2. The ship can also run out of fuel or energy from the reactor.
  3. The central system can malfunction or get corrupted systems.
  4. Sabotage in the battle or taken over by hostile enemies.
  5. The ship could be in a different environment with hazards or abnormalities.

When a ship is rendered inoperable, it may have one or more of the following symptoms:

  1. The ship is currently incapable of changing its direction or moving forward.
  2. It is not possible to activate weapons or defenses.
  3. The mechanism of a ship is currently unable to communicate or scan.
  4. The ship is incapable of docking or undocking with other ships or stations.
  5. Minimum oxygen levels to maintain which will impact the life form inside the ship.

A ship rendered inoperable may still have some functions working, such as lights, doors, terminals, or containers.

However, these functions may be limited or unreliable when operating the ship.

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How To Fix Starfield Ship Rendered Inoperable?

Fixing a ship rendered inoperable depends on the cause and extent of the problem.

Some ships may be beyond repair and can only be recovered for parts. Others may require simple repairs or replacements of certain parts.

Here are some general steps to follow when trying to fix a derelict ship:

  1. Carefully approach the ship and conduct a scan to check for any potential dangers, like traps, enemies, radiation or gas leaks.
  2. If possible try to dock with the ship. Alternatively, use a spacesuit and a rope to enter it.
  3. Explore the ship to uncover its past, current condition and any issues it may have. Use terminals, slates, logs or even unfortunate remains to gather information.
  4. Pinpoint the root cause of the problem and rectify it.
  5. This might involve repairing damaged components, restoring power or fuel supply rebooting systems eliminating malware threats or bypassing locks.
  6. Search for the parts, tools or codes required for carrying out repairs.
  7. These items are potentially found on the ship itself nearby ships or stations in proximity, and on planets nearby.
  8. Carry out the repairs carefully. Test their effectiveness. If they don’t work as intended initially repeat the steps until you’ve successfully restored functionality to the ship.

Alternatively, you can utilize modifications (mods) to enhance the efficiency of repairing a derelict ship.

In Starfield, the Mods are user alterations that introduce or modify existing functionalities.

Furthermore, certain mods enable you to repair a derelict ship with one click eliminating the need for spare parts or tools.

Repair ship using mods in Starfield
Repair ship using mods in Starfield.

However, it’s important to remember that using mods can potentially impact your game’s performance, stability and compatibility.

Before installing any mods, it is always best to create backups of your saved files and carefully follow the instructions provided by the mod developers.

Things To Consider When Flying A Ship

After repairing a ship, the player can claim and operate it for their purposes.

However, operating a derelict ship may have some challenges and risks.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when operating a derelict ship:

  • Before flying a ship, check its condition and performance. Older or damaged ships may have reduced speed, maneuverability, durability, or functionality.
  • Personalize and enhance your ship to suit your desires and requirements. Modify its aesthetics, name, armaments, systems, modules, crew, and cargo.
  • It is important to consider the legal and ethical involvement of taking possession of an abandoned ship, as it may actually belong to someone else who may want it returned.
  • Some ships may have a negative reputation or history that draws unwanted attention, while others may contain hidden dangers or secrets that can surprise you later on.

The Bottom Line

Finding a derelict ship in Starfield can be an exciting and rewarding experience.

However, repairing derelict ships is hard as there is something wrong with the ship’s systems or structure.

Moreover, repairing the “ship rendered inoperable” requires skill and effort to fix and operate.

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