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Unraveling The Lorroakan Vault Puzzle In BG3

In BG3, Lorroakan has his most prized and extravagant magical possessions in the Sorcerous Vault, away from public view.

Various dangerous creatures, including golems, traps, and even a dragon, guard the Vault, making it more thrilling and exciting.

In BG3’s third act, you can access the Lorroakan Vault Puzzle by entering the vault, breaking a curse, and obtaining valuable rewards.

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How To Enter The Sorcerous Sundries Vault?

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Sorcerous Vault is packed with wizard Lorroakan’s fanciest magic.

You can not get into the city without collecting a treasure trove of artifacts, but you can get your hands on his entire collection.

Sorcerous Sundries in the Lower City’s center in Act 3 is the easiest way to enter the Sorcerous Vault.

From here, there are two routes you can take to enter the vault to solve the puzzle:

1. Through Ramazith’s Tower

Ramazith’s Tower is where the Wizard Lorroakan resides and is relevant to the events of the Nightsong quest.

In the Nightsong quest, you must inform a projected Lorroakan hologram that you have crucial information in hand.

After this, you can enter the Tower where you need to go to a lower height in a piece of floating furniture.

Then, you look for the weave button on the Vault’s outer rim, and you’ll be teleported directly into the Sorcerous Vault.

2. Through Sorcerous Sundries

Another way to access the Vault is by starting from Sorcerous Sundries, which is likely a store within the game.

You find a locked door to your left near the portals that lead into Ramazith’s Tower.

You can head inside when you unlock the door, and on the bookshelf to your right, you can search for the Clasped Book.

Once you activate the Clasped Book, you’ll find a portal that leads you straight into the Vault.

Out of the two options, entering through the Ramazith’s Tower is more recommended.

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After Entering The Lorroakan Vault Puzzle

The vault complex has several chests along the sides, and since the floor is magical, sometimes you cannot spot them.

To reveal them you might need a spell that reveals invisible objects. You must also be cautious and alert as the place has many traps, indicating a potential danger.

You can split the team and send Astarion first, as he can disarm traps more effectively. When you head to the opposite section, you’ll arrive at a chamber with three doors.

How To Solve The Lorroakan Vault Puzzle?

The Lorroakan Vault Puzzle is a challenge located in Baldur’s Gate 3. Players can access it by entering the vault of the powerful wizard Lorroakan, who resides in Ramazith’s Tower.

Similarly, the vault contains many treasures, secrets, dangers, and traps. You must open three doors named after famous wizards to solve the puzzle.

Furthermore, below are the three doors:

1. Silverhand

Among the three doors, only the Silverhand door is unlocked for you in the chamber.

When you enter, you find yourself in a small room filled with traps, but you can disarm them quickly.

You can either manually disarm the traps or use a lever on the wall.

2. Elminster 

To grab the Pyroquickness Hat, you must go through the Elminster door. The hat causes you to burn yourself if you deal fire damage with a leveled spell.

Despite the burning effect the hat causes, it also provides other bonuses. The Elminster room is also home to numerous scrolls and the Tharchiate Codex.

To gain the hat you must:

  1. Go through a doorway labeled “Evocation” to the next chamber.
  2. Then, find a doorway labeled “Wish,” where you’ll encounter a corridor and a lever.
  3. As you interact with this lever, you will unlock the door labeled “Elminster.”
  4. Lastly, go through the doorway labeled “Foresight.” to return to the main chamber.

3. Karsus

You pass through the Karkus door to acquire the Annals of Karsus. Annals of Karkus is a book required to progress a quest named Wizard of Waterdeep.

Additionally, the book teaches you three powerful artifacts: the Crown of Karsus, the Scepter of Karsus, and the Orb of Karsus.

To obtain the book you must follow these steps:

  1. Go through a doorway labeled “Abjuration” that leads you to the next chamber.
  2. Then, you are directed to a doorway labeled “Silver.” with a corridor that leads to a lever.
  3. You will unlock the “Karsus” door as you interact with the lever.
  4. And use the “Wild” doorway to exit to the main area.

The Bottom Line

The Lorroakan Vault Puzzle in BG3 is a challenging and rewarding quest that lets you explore the secrets and treasures of a powerful wizard.

Moreover, you can enter the vault and face a puzzle involving opening three doors.

Each door has a different mechanism and reward, and the vault also contains traps and curses that you must avoid or remove.

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