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Gloomhaven: Guildmaster Or Campaign: What Should You Opt For?

Guildmaster and Campaign have got the players questioning which mode is better in the digital realm of Gloomhaven.

Players complete quests, explore dungeons, fight monsters, and customize their characters as a team.

In Gloomhaven, Guildmaster mode offers accessibility, while Campaign mode suits seasoned players who seek challenges and immersive ventures.

Continue to read more about the Guildmaster and Campaign mode in Gloomhaven.

What Is Guildmaster Mode In Gloomhaven?

The Guildmaster is a gaming mode of Gloomhaven that doesn’t have a particular storyline to proceed.

Additionally, there are more than 160 missions, and you must complete them to obtain various rewards.

Similarly, it features a variety of quests, including Travel, Job, Story, and Relic Quests.

Moreover, players can play this mode either solo or in online co-op upto four players.

What Is Campaign Mode In Gloomhaven?

Unlike Guildmaster, Campaign is the primary mode of play in the digital version of Gloomhaven.

Additionally, the mode has a branching storyline, random events, and a progressive graph.

This mode consists of 51 main scenarios and 44 side scenarios. It is not compulsory to complete all of them.

The characters in this mode are programmed to retire and are replaced with new classes, making the game more thrilling.

With more challenges, Campaign mode requires more commitment and time.

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Differences Between Guildmaster And Campaign

While both the Gloomhaven modes, Guildmaster and Campaign, are equally enchanting and fun to play, they have significant differences.

1. Storyline

Guildmaster mode has no branching storyline, and you can choose to play any quests in any order.

The Campaign mode has a branching storyline and is heavily influenced by players’ choices.

Therefore, the storyline provides more personalization and adds uniqueness to your character.

2. Difficulty

The Guildmaster mode is easier than the Campaign mode, making it a good choice for the new players.

The Campaign mode comes with more challenges and is a good choice for players who are looking for a more hardcore experience.

3. Time commitment

With random quests to play, you are expected to complete a quest or two in a single session, saving up much time.

The Campaign mode needs more time and a longer commitment, as you can expect to spend dozens of hours completing the campaign.

4. Flexibility

The Guildmaster mode allows you to experiment with different team formations and character builds.

And you can also swap out your characters between quests.

However, in the Campaign mode, you cannot swap out your character in the middle of the quests.

Therefore, to complete the quest hassle-free, players must carefully plan their character and team.

5. Progression

Guildmaster mode offers rapid character progression, leading to substantial power growth within a single session.

Conversely, Campaign mode offers long-term progression with gradual power growth and rewards for dedication and perseverance.

Strengths And Weaknesses Of Guildmaster Mode

To summarize the strengths of Guildmaster are,

  1. It has more variety and is quite flexible to adapt.
  2. With short time commitments, you can experiment with different characters.

Similarly, the weaknesses of this mode are listed below:

  1. The mode can be less inviting to the players with no branching storyline.
  2. The game can feel less challenging and unpredictable as the mode does not have random events.

Pros And Cons Of Campaign Mode

The pros of Campaign mode are:

  1. Provides more personalization with the storyline and provides more challenges with random events.
  2. With long-term progression and exciting quests, you can easily stick to your seats for extended periods.

The cons of Campaign mode are:

  1. It has less variety as everything is connected via a storyline and is more challenging making it less accessible to new players.
  2. The game is less flexible compared to the Guildmaster mode.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Guildmaster mode is more feasible for new players looking for a casual experience.

Whereas, Campaign mode, featuring challenges and a storyline to follow, is ideal for players seeking a hardcore experience.

To sum up, Gloomhaven is a demanding but rewarding game where you’ll have a lot of fun exploring the world of Guildmaster and Campaign.

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