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Should You Visit Nightsong Before Or After Moonrise?

Baldur’s Gate 3 brings us another exciting side quest where players have to defeat the boss of Moonrise Tower and find Nightsong.

Nightsong is an NPC character who is Dame Aylin. You can encounter her in Shadowheart’s quest chain in Act 2.

In BG3, Nightsong is the no return point but you can still visit Nightsong first to save her and then battle against Moonrise later.

Nightsong is a great ally in the battle. So, you should visit Nightsong before and then invade in Moonrise Tower after saving Nightsong.

Continue to read more about how to find the Nightsong and defeat the cult of Moonrise Tower in an ordered way.

Visit Moonrise Tower Before Nightsong

Moonrise Tower is the destination where you will encounter Ketheric Thorm ( the boss) and the rest of his army and the cult.

You should take the overland route through the mountain pass to reach Moonrise Tower by defeating enemies and monsters along the way.

nightsong before or after moonrise
Ketheric Thorm in Moonrise Tower.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t start fighting right away with the cult of Thorm.

Since your goal is only to invade the Moonrise Tower, you can start having a dialogue with the followers and explore the Tower.

On the upper floor, in the private chamber of Balthazar, you will find his diary which will unravel the secret of Nightsong.

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Find The Nightsong

Nightsong is held as a prisoner inside the Gauntlet of Shar so you should visit here first.

First, you will have to visit Thorm Mausoleum where you can solve puzzles to unlock the way to Gauntlet of Shar.

Gauntlet of Shar is the place where you will find four Umbral Gems which will lead you to the location of Nightsong’s prison.

nightsong before or after moonrise
Gauntlet of Shar in BG3.

However, you will have to complete difficult trials, defeat the goons, break the curse, and find your way to the center of Gauntlet.

As you reach the center of Gauntlet, you will see the floating platform. Place first Umbral Gems that will take the platform to depth.

Similarly, place the other three gems in the Ancient Pedestal on this lower floor that will unlock the direction of the prison.

Alternatively, you will provided with the decision to either save the Nightsong or hand her over to Balthazar.

Baltahazar in Gauntlet of Shar.
Balthazar in BG3.

The decision totally lies in your hands either to escort the Nightsong or let the Balthazar take her.

The best choice is to save the Nightsong because she can be a great help to defeat Ketheric Thorm in the future.

However, you will have to fight with the skeleton troop of Balthazar (the boss)  and defeat the boss to save Nightsong.

Nightsong in Baldur's Gate 3.
Nightsong in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Again, you will get the choice either to save Nightsong or kill it from your companion Shadowheart.

However, you should try to persuade the Shadowheart not to kill her and gain Nightsongs’s trust by simply placing your hand on her head.

As a consequence of which you will be able to save a valuable companion by your side that will help to defeat Ketheric Thorm.

Visit Moonrise Tower After Saving Nightsong

Since you have released the Nightsong, you can now head back to Moonrise Tower where you will defeat enemies.

Remember that Harpers, Good Aligned Group will help you along the battle against Ketheric Thorm.

In the first phase, the battle will take place on the upper floor of Moonrise Temple which you can easily defeat.

Battle against Ketheric Thorm.
Battle against Ketheric Thorm.

After that, the Thorm will escape down the fleshy hole and you should follow after him to fight for phase two.

However, before reaching the arena of phase two, you should explore the Mind Flayer Colony, save Zevlor, and protect your troops.

Finally, after reaching the arena you can free the Nightsong and use powerful spells to defeat Ketheric Thorms.

Later on, Nightsong reveals her true identity as Dame Aylin and will remain as your special ally in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The Bottom Line

In Conclusion, first, you should head to Moonrise Tower and then find the location of Nightsong by exploring the Tower.

Similarly, you should go to save Nightsong and again head back to the Moonrise Tower where you will defeat the Ketheric Thorm.

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