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Explore Fae Pen In Fae Farm

In Fae Farm, players can embark on a solo adventure or team up with up to three others in the game.

Together, they can craft, farm, and decorate their home, all while harnessing magical abilities to explore Azoria Island.

In Fae Farm, players can purchase animals, which automatically unlocks the enclosure. However, some animals may require the barn and fae pen, which unlocks after completion of certain tasks on their farm.

Continue reading more about Fae Pen, animals and locations to register them in Fae Farm.

Fae Pen In Fae Farm

The fae pen is a Fae Farm location where players must register their animals. Likewise, players must complete the second dungeon to unlock the Fae Pen.

Then, they can purchase animals such as Lunen and Spriggan from Reyglor, a vendor.

Those animals cost 400 florins each, and you need to register them.

To register, you have to visit Fae Pen. Players can find Fae Pen on their farm, across the bridge left of the seller.

Other Location In Fae Farm

As there are numerous animals in Fae Farm, their cost, vendor, and the resources they produce differ.

Likewise, different animals require different storage locations. Additionally, players have to register animals in different locations.

Therefore players have to unlock them before purchasing any animals.

Chickoo and Cottontail require a coop, Mamoo and Woolyhorn demand barn and Lunen and Spriggan need Fae Pen.

Here are the locations in detail:

1. Coop

Players can find Coop on the right side of their farm. After purchasing animals, you must go to an open book outside of this location to register them.

Similarly, it is unlocked at the start of the game, as players purchase Chickoo and Cottontail from Earline in the Plains of Plenty.

2. Barn

To unlock the barn, players must complete the first dungeon.

After completion, they can purchase Mamoo and Woolyhorn and register them in the barn.

Similarly, you can purchase Mamoo and Woolyhorn in 300 florins each from Jeremiah.

Animals In Fae Farm

Fae Farm has various animals, each with varying costs, vendors, and the resources they produce.

Players can purchase these animals from a different resident on the island. They provide resources to produce goods on your farm and companionship as well.

AnimalCost Resource
Chickoo200 florinsEgg
Cottontail200 florinsRaw Cotton
Mamoo300 florinsMilk
Woolyhorn300 florinsRaw Wool
Lunen400 florinsSilk Threads
Spriggan400 florinsSpriggan Leaf

Solely owning the animals is not the only task to be done. The players must also make sure they are happy.

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How To Keep Animals Happy?

In Fae Farm, once players bring the livestock home, they must ensure they care for them. It includes feeding, petting, and brushing them daily to increase their attitude.

Likewise, each task will affect their overall mood, and players must keep the animal’s mood to at least content to ensure resources from them.

Interaction With The Animals: Fae Farm
Interaction With The Animals in Fae Farm.

Since their happiness level directly affects the rate of the resources they produce, players should focus on keeping them happy.

Here’s how players can be able to perform those actions.

  1. Brushing: Reach out to the animal and use the action key, which only applies to animals with fur.
  2. Petting: Use the action key that pops up as you contact them.
  3. Feeding: Get inside the barn, coop or the pen and approach the trough in the upper left corner. Then, simply use the action key to enter the trough interface and select the animal to feed.
  4. Fresh Air: Simply ring the bell and let them wander outside occasionally.

The Bottom LineĀ 

Fae Farm provides a mellow farm simulation with an experience of the magical journey in the world of Azoria.

Players must complete the dungeons to unlock the Fae Pen to register and keep their animals.

Moreover, you can purchase the animals from several vendors in the game.

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