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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Chat With Woman From Willow

Enchanted Adventure is available to the players in the new update of Disney’s Dreamlight Valley, bringing new additions to the game.

It also introduces the Haunted Holiday Star Path, a seasonal in-game event where players solve riddles and complete various duties to receive rewards.

In Dreamlight Valley, one of the duties is to chat with a woman from Willow, where players must perform two discussions with Mother Gothel. 

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How To Participate In The Haunted Holiday Star Path Event?

Players can access the event by visiting the game’s menu and switching to the event tab.

In the Haunted Holiday Star Path, players must carry out numerous tasks around the Dreamlight Valley.

Also, the duties have become particularly tricky to figure out, containing riddles instead of exact explanations in this update.

Players can complete up to 60 event-specific tasks and earn tokens that resemble lollipops, which can be exchanged for rewards.

Haunted Holiday Star Path Event In Disney's Dreamlight Valley.
Haunted Holiday Star Path Event In Disney’s Dreamlight Valley.

Likewise, the portion of reward one might earn depends on the number of tasks that players can complete.

Players with standard Star Path will only have three tasks available at a time, whereas the premium ones provide players with six tasks they can choose from.

Purchasing a premium Star Path for the event costs the players around 2500 Moonstones, the DDV’s paid currency.

It also unlocks 25 premium-exclusive rewards that typically include more desirable items, including companion pets, themed furniture and many more.

In addition to that, Premium Star Path holders get the opportunity to exchange the event currency for Moonstones.

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Who Is The Woman From Willow?

The woman being referred to is Mother Gothel while chatting with a woman from Willow.

Mother Gothel is a fictional character from Walt Disney’s 50th animated feature, Tangled.

Mother Gothel From Disney's animated movie Tangled.
Mother Gothel From Disney’s animated movie Tangled.

In the story, she portrays an antagonist who raises Rapunzel as her own daughter, intending to exploit Rapunzel’s magical hair.

Furthermore, she is a multifaceted and captivating antagonist, and her entrance into the movie is unforgettable and eerie.

Concerning Disney’s Dreamlight Valley, players must unlock her to get her as a playable character.

Players must complete the quest “The Curse” to unlock her, which involves lifting a dark magic curse from the Glade of Trust biome.

Moreover, she holds a fair few values, being a skilled gardener and alchemist who is always willing to share her knowledge with others.

Chat With A Woman From Willow

One of the Haunted Holiday Star Path tasks is chatting with a woman from Willow.

You must find Mother Gothel who lives in the Gaint Willow for this. The Gaint Willow is a character house where Mother Gothel lives.

Additionally, the players need to have two discussions with Mother Gothel.

Furthermore, this event takes two days to complete as the players must have two daily discussions with them.

Players are rewarded with 20 tokens upon completion, which players can use to unlock unique items in the Rewards section.

The Bottom Line 

The Enchanted Adventure update released two new characters in the game and marked the beginning of a new Star Path event.

Players must complete the duty “chat with woman from willow” to claim event rewards in Dreamlight Valley.

In the end, players are to discuss with Mother Gothel, the woman referred to in the task as the willow.

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