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How To Defeat Archbishop In Lies Of P? Cheese Method

Lies of P is a dark fantasy game based on Lies Of Pinochho with soul-like actions and role-playing video games.

In Lies of P, you have to battle with Archbishop Andreus who is guarding the bowels of a cathedral in the Cathedral Section of Krat.

The archbishop is one of the most vigorous bosses you can encounter in the Lies of P. Players should defeat the monster, and it requires the best cheese methods. 

Continue to read more to learn more about the best cheese methods to defeat the monster Archbishop Andreus.

Archbishop Andreus: An Overview

One of the murderous creatures you will come across in The Lie of P is Archbishop Andreus, whom you must defeat.

In the Catherdal section of Kart, you will confront the Archbishop with vicious attacks and unescapable slams that can tear you apart.

Archibishop Andreus in Lies of P.
Archbishop Andreus in Lies of P.

Moreover, this is a very long boss fight, followed by two deadly phases where you must defeat the monster twice.

Furthermore, the monster is widely known for its decay effect, physical stomping and tongue slams.

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Preparation Before Battle

Before battling with the Archbishop, you should be prepared with the required equipment to assist you further in the fight.

  • Consumable: It will help to heal from the effect of the Delay Status Effect.
  • Fable Catalyst: It will help to restore the Fable Arts Meter.
  • Thermite: It will help to keep you safe from Fire Damage.
  • Converter: It will cure you from acid damage.

Hence, equipping yourself with the above ingredients will help you defeat the monster.

Cheese Method To Defeat Archbishop 

In Lies of P, there are two phases to defeat the Archbishop. One is the monster phase, and the other is the faceless humanoid phase of the boss.

Here is the cheese method of both phases to defeat the Archbishop in Lies of P.

Phase One: Monster Form

1. Use Fire Weapons

The monster is of Carcass type and is highly susceptible to fire damage.

lies of p archbishop cheese
Archbishop Fire Attack.

So, the Flamberge Legion Arm is one of the best weapons you can use to attack the monster and burn him.

2. Sweep And Dodge

Similarly, the monster often uses three-leg swap methods, using the combo with a left-leg sweep to alter the legs.

The best you can do is move left and right continuously observing the foot movement to dodge the monster’s attacks.

Moreover, the monster takes a few moments to do his second attack. At this time, you can swing at him at least once.

3. Dodge The Decay Effect

Similarly, the monster uses its Tongue Slam and Long Tongue Sweep to attack and cause a delay effect.

In order to protect yourself, defending is the best way to prevent tongue attacks. You can dodge the slams and the attacks.

lies of p archbishop cheese
Archbishop Decay Effect.

Moreover, you can block the tongue sweep as it first goes to the right and sweeps towards you.

4. Run And Parry

In this Phase, you will often hear screams and the monster raising his arms up in the air multiple times.

So, whenever the monster raises its arm, you should run to the farthest distance possible to dodge easily.

Similarly, whenever the monster stops to scream, it is a good chance for you to run towards it and attack.

Phase Two: Faceless Humanoid Monster

In phase two, the boss becomes stronger with better attacks, more speed, longer range, and different fighting patterns.

1. Face The Other Side

Since the monster has two faces. The one you encountered in the first round and next the monster with the glaive.

The best tactic to defeat the monster is to face the other side of the monster as phase two starts.

Moreover, you should make sure to run from the monster with the glaive and fight with the monster of phase one.

2. Run And Hit

Similarly, you will often encounter the monster standing on two legs and attacking you.

lies of p archbishop cheese
Run And Hit.

So, whenever the monster tries this move, make sure to run away as far as possible and give a few hits.

3. Dodge The Staff

When the boss points its staff towards you, it will come forward with a stabbing attack. You can easily dodge and parry this.

4. Avoid Laser Beam Attack

As the monster’s health bar declines to 70%, it will start Laser Beam Attacks.

The monster will first launch a joint attack. A shockwave attack immediately follows a Laser beam attack.

The laser beam attack can be dodged by staying on the boss’s side and splinting in the opposite direction to avoid shockwave.

Therefore, you can easily win the most vigorous monster using all these tactics and strategies.

Bonus Tips To Defeat Archbishop

Likewise, here are some of the strategies you can follow:

  1. You can upgrade the Flamberge Legion Arm with Legion Callibers causing severe damage and lowering the health bar.
  2. You can notice the Decay attacks when the tongue turns purple so stay prepared to dodge it.
  3. The monster recovers very fast. So, you should carefully hit the monster only once. Do not go to strike twice in a row.
  4. You should run as far as possible whenever the boss stands on its arm or leg to prevent the slam.

The Bottom Line

Hence, defeating Archbishop Andreus is one of the difficult tasks in the Lies of P as it is stronger and murderous.

However, the above-mentioned cheese tactics will definitely help you analyze the Archbishop attack mode and help you prepare for your next move in Lies of P.

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