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How Did Mileena Get Infected In Mortal Kombat?

Mileena gets infected with some virus in the Mortal Kombat series.

Many players are curious about how she got infected with the disease and developed the tarkatan features.

In Mortal Kombat, Mileena has the tarkatan essence in her blood, which infects her with the Tarkatan Virus. Shang Tsung brewed a serum with tarkatan bone marrow, which is a short-term cure for the disease.  

Continue reading to know more about how the virus infects Mileena in the game.

Who Is Mileena In Mortal Kombat?

Mileena is one of the playable characters serving as an antagonist throughout the Mortal Kombat fighting game.

In the new series, she is the crown princess and next in line to rule the Outworld being the eldest daughter of Empress Sindel and Emperor Jerrod.

Unlike the clone of Kitana in the previous game series, Mileena is portrayed as her older biological sister.

Similarly, talking about her nature, she is more fiery and impatient. She is selfish and psychologically unstable.

Mileena in Mortal Kombat 1.

Mileena uses her deadly Tarkatan teeth to bite her opponents. She also has a signature weapon, a pair of sai blades as a hand weapon to combat.

Additionally, she is half Tarkatan and half Edenian, having different powers and abilities from both tribes.

However, Mileena is less powerful regarding combat capabilities than her sister Kitana.

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How Did Mileena Get Infected?

In Mortal Kombat, Shao Kahn commands Shang Tsung to clone the Edenian Princess, Kitana.

However, in creating the clone, Shang Tshung conducted a genetic experiment using Tarkatan essence that resulted in Mileena developing the tarkatan features.

Firstly, Mileena only had a stomach virus and flu at the party. After that, she started showing other signs and symptoms of the virus.

Mileena after developing Tarkatan's teeth
Mileena after developing Tarkatan’s teeth.

Moreover, this can be the potential reason she got infected with the disease, slowly turning her into a devil character.

Additionally, this virus turned her into a half-tarkatan with deformed teeth and facial features.

After she developed the Tarkatan mouth, she started wearing a veil to hide her face.

Similarly, the virus also infected Baraka, an Outworld warrior who is the Tarkatan’s leader.

Who Tried To Save Mileena?

Earthrealmers tried to interrupt Shang Tsung from infecting the Outworld Princess, Mileena, with the Tarkat Virus. They followed him to his laboratory with the help of Baraka.

Instead, Mileena had already developed the virus and attacked them, leaving Kenshi blind. Her sister, Kitana and General Shao also arrived to capture the Earthrealmers.

Similarly, Kitana feels it is her duty and privilege to serve her sister and tries to save her.

She only wants the best for her sister, but Mileena is paranoid and keeps fighting with her, thinking she wants to steal her throne.

However, later, they found that Shang Tshung was not trying to infect her but rather wanted to save her.

Unknown about this, Earthrealmers stopped him, and Mileena started showing the symptoms of the disease.

Later, Shang Tsung injects the serum to control her Tarkat symptoms.

How Can The Disease Be Cured?

In Mortal Kombat, Shang Tsung developed a potent serum to cure the disease temporarily.

He brewed that serum using freshly extracted tarkatan bone marrow. Shang Tshung extracted it from Tarkatan’s leader Baraka.

Since the disease is not fully curable, the serum only helps to slow down the symptoms of the virus.

Shang Tsung injecting the serum to Mileena.
Shang Tsung injecting the serum into Mileena.

Moreover, the effects of this serum are immediate and long-lasting. After injecting the serum, Mileena returns to her old character and has no signs of Tarkatan.

The Bottom Line

Lastly, a lethal Tarkatan Virus infects Mileena, restricting her from becoming the next Empress of the Outworld’s throne.

Likewise, her body transforms into a deadly monster, and she starts fighting with everyone.

Furthermore, she can’t control her mind if not injected with the serum. The serum is a short-term cure to the disease.

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