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Kerenzikov Vs. Sandevistan In Cyberpunk 2077

Cyperpunk 2077 is a real action adventure where players can live in a completely different world.

The game allows various customization, installations, and modifications that help players to improve their gaming.

In Cyberpunk 2077, while comparing Kerenzikov Vs Sandevistan, both are updated neural speedware that slows down time during the battle but differs due to duration and activation.

Continue to read more about the similarities and differences between Kerenzikov and Sandevistan in Cyberpunk 2077.

What Is Kerenzikov?

Kerenzikov is the nervous system that players can install within them for an upgrade in the Nervous System.

It helps players during battle by slowing down the time by almost 90% for the interval of 3.5 seconds.

kerenzikov vs sandevistan
Kerenzikov as Nervous System.

It gets automatically triggered during battle when attacking, aiming, or blocking allowing them to perform better.

Additionally, players require at least a Reflexes stat of 18 to equip this implant.

Moreover, players have to spend 35,000 Eurodollars in a ripper doc located in Santo Domingo in the game.

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What Is Sandevistan?

Sandevistan is a high-tech operating system that is implanted in the spinal cord of the players.

Players have to activate Sandevistan in the battle which will cause time dilation for a temporary moment.

In order to use these implants, players have to unlock Edgerunner Artisan Park and increase the crafting level to 18.

kerenzikov vs sandevistan
Sandevistan as Operating System.

The advantage of Sandevistan is that it has less cooldown period and three mod slots.

This implant is better for prolonged fights for gunfights or blade attacks as it makes the combat unstoppable.

Additionally, players require at least a Reflexes stat of 15 to equip this implant.

Moreover, players have to spend 28,000 Eurodollars in a ripper doc located in Japantown, Westbrook in the game.

Kerenzikov Vs Sandevistan: Similarities 

The common similarities between Kerenzikov and Sandevistan are:

1. Neural Speedware

Kerenzikov and Sandevistan are both neural speedware that can be installed and updated in players’ bodies.

Additionally, both implants help you to slow down time while attacking the enemies with greater speed.

2. Cooldown Process

After using Kerenzikov and Sandevistan during the battle, players have certain cooldown periods.

During the cooldown players, the players have to rest limiting how often the speedware is used in the battle.

3 Initiative Boost

While using Kerenzikov and Sandevistan, players can experience an initiative increment allowing them to perform better.

However, Kerenzikov provides a +2 initiative boost whereas Sandevistan has a +3 initiative boost.

4. Slowdown Period

Kerenzikov and Sandevistan both have the same function during battle. They slow down the time.

The difference in time dilation helps players to dodge the bullets from enemies while attacking them at the same time.

Additionally, players can perceive everything in slow motion, but enemies will perceive players in blurred vision.

Kerenzikov Vs Sandevistan: Differences

Despite many similarities, both are entirely different regarding activation, cooldown, duration, etc.

The differences between Kerenzikov and Sandevistan are:

1. Activation Period

In the game, Kerenzikov is always active as we don’t have to constantly activate them from time to time.

However, players have to constantly activate Sandevistan to use during the battle. It takes one round to activate.

Additionally, Kerenzikov will be triggered during specific conditions such as grappling and dodging, etc.

2. Cooldown Duration

Kerenzikov and Sandevistan have their own cooldown period after the battle.

However, Sandevistan has a longer cooldown period than that of Kerenzikov after the battle with enemies.

3. Usage

Kerenzikov is often used as a situational tool that gets activated when triggered. It is useful to deal with ambushes.

In contrast, Sandevistan is a pre-engagement active tool especially used with blades and gunfights.

4. Loss In Humanity Points

Players have to bear some loss when they use both speedware resulting in decrement in Humanity loss.

The humanity loss is more when using Kerenzikov than that of Sandevistan which can even lead to mental disorder.

5. Jumping And Dodging

While using Kerenzikov, players restrict free camera movement that disables jumping and dodging during the battle.

In contrast, using Sandevistan creates no such restriction as players are free to perform any movement such as dodging, jumping, etc.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, both Kerenzikov and Sandevistan have updated neural implants to improve players’ performances.

Kerenzikov and Sandevistan are very similar when it comes to usage, yet they are totally different from each other.

However, equipping them in the right situation helps players to overcome difficult situations in the game.

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