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Lies Of P Protagonist: Story Of Pinocchio

Lies of P is a dark fantasy action role-playing game inspired by the classic story of Pinocchio.

The game is set in a terrifying world where humans have become corrupted by a mysterious plague and turned into twisted creatures.

In Lies of P, the protagonist is a puppet named Pinocchio, who tries to become an actual human by telling lies. However, every lie he tells has a consequence, and he must face the challenges and dangers of this cruel world.

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Who Is The Protagonist In Lies Of P?

The protagonist of Lies of P is Pinocchio, a puppet created by Geppetto, a famous craftsman living in Krat.

Pinocchio has a device implanted in his chest, allowing him to move and speak without strings like a few other puppets.

However, Pinocchio is curious and adventurous but also suffers from loneliness and insecurity. He wants to become a human and find his place in the world.

Pinocchio is the main protagonist in Lies of P
Pinocchio is the main protagonist in Lies of P.

Pinocchio’s journey begins when he wakes up in a train station without remembering who he is or where he came from.

Furthermore, he meets Belle, a mysterious woman who claims to be his guide and friend.

She tells him that he can become a human by lying and going to the Tower of Truth, where his wish will be granted.

Moreover, Pinocchio encounters various characters and factions along the way, some friendly and helpful, while others hostile and deceptive.

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Story Of Lies Of P’s Protagonist

The story of Lies of P is influenced by the choices and actions of the player, who can control Pinocchio’s dialogue and behavior.

The game features a dynamic lie system, where Pinocchio can lie to other characters or himself to gain advantages or avoid consequences.

However, every lie has a cost and can affect his appearance, abilities, relationships, and morality.

For example, lying can make Pinocchio’s nose grow longer, his skin darker, or his limbs more mechanical.

Lying can also change the perception and reaction of other characters towards Pinocchio and the outcome of certain events and quests.

The game also has a branching storyline, where players can explore different paths and endings depending on their decisions.

The player can also discover secrets and hidden truths about the world, its history, and Pinocchio’s origin and destiny.

Lies Of P’s Protagonist: Design And Playthrough

Lies of P is a challenging and immersive game combining action, survival, horror, and puzzle-solving elements.

Furthermore, the game has a realistic and detailed graphics style contrasting the world’s beauty and horror.

Similarly, the game also has a rich and atmospheric soundtrack that enhances the mood and emotion of the game.

The game allows players to customize Pinocchio’s appearance and abilities according to their preferences and playstyle.

The player can equip Pinocchio with various weapons, armor, gadgets, and skills that can be upgraded and modified throughout the game.

However, the player can also use Pinocchio’s lie device to creatively manipulate the environment and enemies.

The game features a variety of enemies and bosses that require different strategies and tactics to defeat.

Fight in Lies Of P
Fight in Lies Of P.

Furthermore, the enemies include humans, puppets, animals, machines, monsters, and supernatural beings infected or transformed by the plague.

The bosses are powerful and unique enemies representing different aspects of Pinocchio’s journey and personality.

However, the game also offers different modes of difficulty that affect the gameplay and challenge level.

The game has an accessible mode for casual players who want to enjoy the story and exploration without much stress.

Similarly, the game has a normal mode for experienced players who want a balanced and satisfying gameplay experience.

Likewise, the game has a hard mode for players who want to test their skills against formidable enemies and situations.

The Bottom Line

Lies of P follows the story of Pinocchio, a puppet who wants to become human by lying in a dark and twisted world.

The game allows the player to shape Pinocchio’s character and destiny and explore different paths and endings through their choices and actions.

Moreover, the game also challenges the player with its dynamic lie system, diverse enemies and bosses with multiple difficulty modes.

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