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Find The Best Ending Of CyberPunk The Beast In Me

While Playing Cyberpunk, The Beast In Me, players get to experience the best ending through the options they choose inside the game.

The Beast In Me is a quest inside Cyber Punk where players accept Claire’s offer to participate in a race for the Best Ending.

Similarly, “The Beast In Me” presents four-night races in various locations: City Centre, Badlands, Santa Domingo, and the last race.

In cyberpunk, after completing The Beast in Me: The Big Race, you would get both Claire and Sampson’s Car as the best ending possible.  

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City Centre Race: An Overview

After accepting Claire’s offer for some of the races in Night City, you should reach the first racing destination.

This is one of the races that you must win to qualify for the final race alongside Claire.

Players are advised to take a fast vehicle; if you don’t have a  fast car, you can use Claire’s vehicle.

Similarly, to win the race, players must go through a series of checkpoints without missing one.

Wining race in City center.
Winning race in City center.

You should follow the yellow dotted lines inside the track to pass through every checkpoint without any confusion.

Additionally, you will earn 242 EXP, $2780, and a 541 street card after winning the race despite several obstacles.

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Cyber Punk Santa Domingo Race: An Overview

In Santa Domingo, the winning strategy is the same as the City Center Race, so winning here should not be a great deal.

After the race, Claire will initiate the conversation with you regarding her husband’s death.

In brief, this would be the crucial conversation between the Player and Claire, as it would impact the game later.

You have a dialogue to choose from while Claire talks about taking revenge on Sampson regarding her husband’s death.

Choosing the Right Option.
Choosing the Right Option.

Dialogue Options are “Bastard won’t finish the race alive,” “My priority is winning,” or “Sorry, Claire, but I can’t help.”

In any case, you have to choose the dialogue “My priority is winning” that leads to the best ending in the game.

Moreover, choosing the first option would make Claire happy however, the third option would end the quest line.

The Beast In Me: The Big Race

Upon reaching the Final Race,  you start the race as any previous race, but this race won’t be an actual race.

At this time, Claire is focused on getting her revenge on Sampson, and you should follow Sampson’s car.

You need to maintain a distance of around 15 to 20 meters to make his vehicle an easy target for Claire.

Chasing Sampson's Car.
Chasing Sampson’s Car.

Sampson gets afraid of being attacked, so he abandons the races as he takes his car out of the track.

However, you need to make an important decision to complete the race or follow the Sampson car when the race is almost finished.

You must follow the Samson car, which would make Claire happy and could lead to the game’s best ending.

Alternatively, if you choose not to follow his car, Claire will be mad and have a negative impression of you.

Best Ending Of The Beast In Me

After chasing Sampson, you will find him dragging himself out of his car after crashing it on the road.

As soon as Claire encounters Sampson, she threatens to kill him to get revenge for her husband’s death.

Sampson car getting crashed.
Sampson’s car getting crashed.

Whereas, Sampson begs for his life claiming that it was just an accident and he did not kill her husband.

This is the critical moment to save Sampson if you told Claire “My priority is winning” after the Santa Domingo Race.

You can convince Claire to spare Sampson’s life by choosing “Let him go” despite choosing the other option.

Saving Sampson's Life.
Saving Sampson’s Life.

However, she will kill him regardless of what you say if you do not choose “winning is my priority” back in Santa Domingo.

If you agree to kill Sampson, you only get Claire’s car however, saving Sampson also rewards you with his car.

Ultimately, you would have both Claire and Sampson’s car after completing The Beast in Me.

The Bottom Line

Players should make the correct choices in Cyberpunk: The Beast in Me to experience the game’s best ending.

In summary, you should choose the right dialogue to save Sampson’s life as it rewards you with two cars.

In addition to owning both Claire’s and Sampson’s cars, proper dialogue also enriches the narrative and storyline.

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