How To Complete Quest And Obtain Razorleaf In Starfield?

razorleaf starfield
How To Obtain Razorleaf in Starfield

Razorleaf is a spaceship in Starfield that can be acquired by completing a quest.

It is a highly sought-after ship due to its impressive stats and unique abilities.

In Starfield, Razorleaf is a legendary spaceship that can be obtained by completing the Mantis Quest. After completing Mantis Quest, players can obtain a legendary Razorleaf spaceship and Mantis spacesuit.

Continue reading more about the Mantis quest, its rewards and how to obtain Razorleaf in Starfield.

What Is Mantis Quest In Starfield?

Mantis Quest is hidden with many challenges where players can find the hidden quest for finding legendary Spaceship Razorleaf and Mantis Spacesuit.

The quest usually appears after getting a data slate called Secret Outpost.

Similarly, the Mantis Quest has multiple steps to track your performance in the quest log. 

After completing the Mantis side mission, players can get various rewards such as 2000 credits, and 200 Xp.

Additionally, they will also get the Razorleaf Legendary Ship and Mantis Legendary Spacesuit Set.

Razorleaf Starfield: An Overview

Razorleaf is a legendary Starfield spaceship classified as a Class A 18-type reactor. It has the capacity to pilot 2 crew members at a time.

However, it has a shield capacity of 390 and a shielded capacity of 160 with a cargo capacity of 420.

Similarly, it has a mass of 572 with a fuel of 140 that has the capacity to jump to 16 light years.

Likewise, the ship contains three weapons: PAR 16LAS 6, and MSL 36, totaling 17393 credits.

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How To Obtain Razorleaf in Starfield?

To obtain Razorleaf, you must complete the Mantis Quest. 

However, to complete the Mantis quest, the players must solve puzzles and defeat enemies to obtain the legendary Razorleaf Spaceship.

Once you have acquired Secret Outpost, you can start the Mantis Quest by following these steps:

1. Initiation Of The Mantis Quest

The Quest begins when players obtain a secret Outpost note in their inventory.

This note can be acquired by defeating spacer-type enemies on the planet Denebola.

Moon of Denebola
Moon of Denebola I in Starfield

However, to get the note you need to pick up the item from the Spacers and check into inventory.

Spacer enemy
Spacer enemy in Starfield

2. Locating The Secret Outpost

Reading the secret Outpost note will update the player’s quest log and reveal the location of the secret Outpost.

Note for Secret Outpost after defeating Spacer
Note for Secret Outpost After defeating Spacer

This Outpost is on the same planet where the note was obtained.

Although the outpost is on the same planet, it can be found in the nearby facility.

3. Solving The Puzzle

Inside the secret lair of the Outpost, players will encounter a puzzle involving a series of letters on the floor.

The solution to this puzzle is revealed through voice messages, with the word “tyrannus” leading to the sequence “TYRANNIS.”

Players should step on the corresponding letters one by one to progress.

TYRANNIS puzzle in Starfield
TYRANNIS puzzle in Starfield

4. Claiming The Spaceship

After solving the puzzle, players will reach a chamber containing the MANTIS spaceship.

To claim the spaceship, players must interact with a blue knob, raising the spaceship to the surface.

The players can operate after getting inside the spaceship and interacting with the message to operate.

Spaceship in Starfield
Razorleaf Spaceship in Starfield

5. Obtaining The MANTIS Spacesuit

Additionally, within the MANTIS layer section, players can find the MANTIS spacesuit, which they can take and use.

This suit is also legendary and has powerful skills that will help players to complete other quests.

There are also other items in the spaceship that players can find in the cargo.

6. Exiting the Outpost

Players should return to the elevator marked with a blue marker after acquiring the spaceship and spacesuit.

This elevator will take them back to the surface.

With this, the players can take the Razorleaf spaceship anywhere in the game.

7. Departing with the New Spaceship

Players can board their newly acquired MANTIS spaceship once outside.

To use it effectively, they should register it in a major city like New Atlantis.

Afterward, the players can fully utilize the pow

Benefits Of Using Razorleaf In Starfield

Razorleaf is an excellent ship that provides several benefits to players who use it. Here are some of the benefits of using Razorleaf:

  • It has better metrics than other ships like Frontier.
  • Allows you to smuggle cargo undetected.
  • It comes with its armament which can be upgraded.
  • It has impressive stats that make it one of the best ships in the game.

The Bottom Line

Razorleaf is a legendary ship in Starfield that can be obtained by completing the Mantis Quest.

Furthermore, it is one of the best ships in the game and provides several benefits to players.

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