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Candy Farm Destiny 2: How To Farm?

Players must fight various battles in the new Festival of the Lost and perform Candy Farm in Destiny 2.

Festival of the Lost is an event that comes around Halloween and is centered around how you get spooky gear to fight.

The players do Candy Farm to get as many candies as possible by participating in battles to buy weapons and other game items. Players can farm candies by defeating enemies and completing various mini-missions in the event for rewards.

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What Is Candy In Destiny 2?

Candy is the game item in Destiny 2, which can be used as currency to buy various weapons from Eva Levante.

Moreover, you can get candies after defeating enemies in the battle in the Halloween event called Festival of the Lost.

Similarly, players can exchange candies to get rare weapons such as Braytech Werewolf Auto Rifle for 1000 candies.

Getting Candy
Fighting enemies to get Candy.

However, you can also get nearly 3,000 candies weekly by climbing the Candie Trees Tower in the Festival of the Lost.

Additionally, candies are used to get access to Mystery Bags which are of the following two types:

  1. Standard Mystery Bags with rewards such as Rare Armor, Weapons, etc.
  2. Epic Mystery Bag with rewards like Legendary Armor, Destination Materials, etc.

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What Is The Festival Of The Lost Event?

Festival of the Lost is an event that takes place every year during Halloween with a spooky theme and weapons.

Moreover, players must enter the Haunted Lost Sectors to kill as many enemies as possible, including mini-bosses called Headless ones.

festival of the lost
Looking at the items in the Festival of the Lost.

Similarly, killing those enemies will give you candies and Spectral Pages which you can exchange for weapons and gifts.

Additionally, you can start the event by going to the Tower and talking to Eva Levante for the Masquerader’s Helm.

In the same way, Eva Levante will then give you three Spectral Pages and send you directly to the Haunted Lost sector.

How To Farm Candy In Destiny 2?

Players will go crazy to get as many candies as they can as they can unlock various types of rare items and weapons using them.

However, farming candies in the Festival of the Lost is not so easy as completing certain tasks will give you only a few candies.

Therefore, you will continuously need to fight enemies and complete the event tasks to get as many candies as possible.

Similarly, below mentioned are some of the ways through which you can farm candy in Destiny 2:

1. Last Wish Raid

Players can earn a large sum of money by playing in the Last Wish Raid mission by getting through the Shuro Chi checkpoint.

Similarly, you can teleport to the checkpoint using Wish Well to fight a large number of enemies in less time.

Moreover, you can repeat this mission by blasting your character and killing as many enemies as possible to earn enormous candies.

2. Vault Of Glass Raid

Vault of Glass raid is a mini mission in Festival of the Lost where you need to enable three tablets to complete the mission.

However, players can skip this option to kill enemies as the number of enemies in this mission is unlimited.

Moreover, you can start this mission by going to the Raid menu and selecting the Legends tab.

3. Hall Of Wisdom Candy Farm

Players can also earn a lot of candies by killing their enemies in the Hall of Wisdom of Sanctuary on The Moon.

Similarly, players need to stay in a large circle and shoot at the enemies that continuously keep coming at them.

Moreover, completing this mission will grant you a large sum of candies up to 1000 candies per hour.

4. Haunted Forest

Haunted Forest gives the most amount of candies through their enemy bosses and treasure chests.

Similarly, you can go with your team and need to clear the branches of the Haunted Forest as fast as they can to gather more candies.

haunted forest
Playing in the Haunted Forest.

Additionally, some players have discussed on the community platforms that they earned up to 500 candy in 50 minutes.

Moreover, players need to use Strong weapons, heavy ammo, etc to get more candies.

The Bottom Line 

Overall, farming candy is very crucial in events like the Festival of the Lost to get access to rare weapons and reward items.

Moreover, players can farm as many candies as they want using the techniques mentioned above.

However, getting more candy also depends on the player’s skill and the weapons they use while fighting the enemy bosses.

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