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Nimbus Mask In Destiny 2: How To Get It?

There are various masks in the latest Festival of the Lost event in Destiny 2, out of which the nimbus mask is one.

A Nimbus mask can be used to attach to the Masquerader’s Helm, which will let the players kill the mini-bosses in the event.

The Nimbus mask in Destiny 2 is a game item that is used to complete the Twilight Triumph in the Festival of the Lost event to get the Lost Memento. The Nimbus mask can be obtained by completing the Hocus Focusing challenge in the Festival of the Lost event.

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What Is Nimbus Mask?

The Nimbus mask is one of the masks found in the latest Festival of the Lost event in Destiny 2.

Similarly, players require a Nimbus mask to get Lost Momento in the event which are game items required to unlock weapons.

Nimbus Mask
Wearing a Nimbus Mask in the Festival of the Lost.

Moreover, players can access Nimbus Mask by acquiring Eerie Engrams after completing certain tasks in the event.

Additionally, the rarity of the Nimbus mask is legendary and is of the ornamental type in Destiny 2.

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What Are Masks In The Festival Of The Lost Event?

Masks are the game items in the Festival of the Lost event, which are used to complete the Twilight Triumph.

Similarly, players can access the Momento after finishing Twilight Triumph to upgrade their weapons.

Moreover, you can get a total of 8 masks in the Festival of the Lost out of which you will need 3 for the Twilight Triumph.

Additionally, the following is the list of three masks that are required to complete the Twilight Triumph:

  1. Nimbus Mask
  2. Clovis Bray Mask
  3. Tormentor Mask

How To Get Nimbus Mask In Destiny 2?

Players can get the Nimbus Mask in Destiny 2 after following the below-mentioned steps:

1. Get Eerie Engrams 

Eerie Engrams are the game items that are used to unlock the Nimbus Mask for the Twilight Triumph.

Similarly, players can get Eerie Emgrams after completing the Haunted Sectors in the Festival of the Lost.

Additionally, Eerie Engrams are dropped all over the Haunted Sectors and also obtained after defeating enemies.

Eerie Engrams
Getting Eerie Engrams in the Haunted Lost Sectors.

However, players need to spend more time to get more Engrams while high-level players can get them more easily.

Moreover, after getting the Eerie Engrams, you must go to the Tower to meet Eva Levante for the Masquerader’s Helm.

2. Completing Hocus Focusing Challenge

Players will have to complete the Hocus Focusing Challenge after getting the Eerie Engrams from Haunted Sectors.

Similarly, players can start the Hocus Focusing Challenge by talking to Eva Levante and opening the focusing menu.

Moreover, you will need to focus your Eerie Engrams in the Hocus Focusing Challenge from the focusing menu.

Hocus Focusing
Completing the Hocus Focusing event to get Nimbus Mask.

Additionally, players will get the Nimbus Mask after completing the Focusing challenge.

Finally, you will need to attach the mask to the Masquerader’s Helm in order to complete the Twilight Triumph.

Completing Twilight Triumph Using Nimbus Mask

Players can complete the Twilight Triumph by wearing the Nimbus Mask and get the Lost Momento.

Similarly, players will need to kill 100 combatants in the Neomuna including the enemies on patrol.

checking progress
Checking progress of Twilight Triumph.

Moreover, players can check the progress of their kill count in the following ways:

  1. Hover over the Triumph Icon.
  2. Select the Season of the Witch option.
  3. Now click on the General section and select the Twilight event option.

Additionally, the middle option in Twilight option shows whether you’ve killed all 100 enemies or not using Nimbus Mask.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Nimbus mask is an important item in the Festival of the Lost in Destiny 2 to unlock precious rewards such as Lost Momento.

Moreover, you can get the Nimbus mask using the techniques mentioned above to complete the Twilight Triumph mission.

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