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Speak To The Tieflings BG3: How To Complete The Quest?

If you are playing Baldur’s Gate 3, you might encounter a quest called “Rescue the Tieflings” in Act 2.

This quest involves finding and helping a group of tieflings captured by the cult of the Absolute and imprisoned in Moonrise Towers.

In BG3, when you complete the quest, it will say to speak to the Tieflings, which youth need to talk to all the Tieflings to complete.

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What Are Tieflings In BG3?

Tieflings are humanoid beings with a lineage of infernal ancestry. They have horns, tails, and various skin colors, such as red, purple, or blue.

They are often discriminated against and persecuted by other races, especially humans, who fear their demonic origins.

Similarly, they have various racial features such as Darkvision, Hellish Resistance and Base Racial Speed.

In BG3, some tieflings have joined a refugee camp led by Zevlor.

They are trying to escape the Cult of the Absolute, a mysterious entity that claims to be a god and grants powers to its followers.

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How To Speak To The Tieflings In BG3?

To speak to the tieflings in BG3, you need first to find them. They are located in different places depending on your choices and actions.

If you save them from the goblin attack in Act 1, you will find them at the Last Light Inn in the Shadow-Cursed Lands.

You can talk to Alfira and Lakrissa inside the inn, and they will thank you and give you some rewards.

speak to the tieflings bg3
Speak to Alfra and Lakrissa at the Last Light Inn.

Similarly, you can find Danis and Bex behind the inn under the bridge, and when you talk to them, they will thank you.

Speak to Danis and Bex under the Bridge
Speak to Danis and Bex under the Bridge.

Furthermore, you can find Rolan at the Ruined Battlefield, where you need to defeat two enemies and rescue him.

Afterward, you can talk to him inside the inn, where he will thank you and talk about the Tieflings.

speak to the tieflings bg3
Speak to Rolan inside the inn.

If you did not save them or some of them died, you will find them in Moonrise Towers Prison.

Speak to Wulbren to learn the escape plan
Speak to Wulbren to learn the escape plan.

You can access this area by following a blood-stained trail near the audience chamber where the Ketheric Thorm relic is.

Similarly, you can talk to Lia, Wulbren, or the Gnomes there and learn about their escape plans.

How To Complete The Quest “Rescue The Tieflings” In BG3?

To complete the quest “Rescue The Tieflings” in BG3, you must help the tieflings break out of their captivity and reach a boat that leads to safety.

Here are some of the ways you can rescue the Tiefling in BG3:

  1. Sneak into the prison area and avoid being detected by the guards and the scrying eyes. You can use stealth, invisibility, or deception skills to do this.
  2. Talk to the Gnomes and give them a blunt weapon like a hammer. They will use it to break through a weak wall behind their cell.
  3. Talk to Wulbren and give him another blunt weapon. He will use it to break through another weak wall behind the tieflings’ cell.
  4. Protect the Gnomes and the tieflings from the guards as they go to the boat. You can use combat, persuasion, or intimidation skills to do this.
  5. Follow them to the boat and untie the chains that hold it. You can use dexterity or strength skills to do this.
  6. Choose whether to leave with them or stay behind.

The Bottom Line

Speak to the tieflings bg3 involves rescuing a group of tieflings and deep gnomes from the Moonrise Towers, a fortress controlled by the Absolute cult.

The quest can be started by talking to the tieflings, who will ask the player to help them escape from their captors.

Furthermore, the player can then infiltrate the towers by stealth, deception, or combat and find the prisoners in the lower levels.

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