Discover Holy Sword Of The Ark In Lies Of P

Holy Sword Of Ark
Holy Sword of the Ark in Lies of P.

In Lies of P, players will require different types of weapons to defeat the enemies and the powerful bosses.

You should unlock each weapon which has its own specific abilities, powers, and stats.

Holy Sword of the Ark in Lies of P is the type of best Greatsword that you will get in exchange for Boss’ Ergo from Alidoro. 

Continue to learn more about the complete guide on the location and use Sword of the Ark in Lies of P.

An Overview: Holy Sword Of The Ark 

In Lies of P, Holy Sword of The Ark is a Greatsword, a blade type of weapon whose weight is 21.2 with 100% durability.

It is one of the Special Boss Weapons, so it cannot be disassembled.

Similarly, the weapon uses Mobility B and C scaling and the best techniques that are perfect for quality builds.

holy sword of the ark
Holy Sword Of the Ark in Lies of P.

Also, its Charge pulse cells are 11.50, and the Fable Charge is 528 which is a great stat.

The damage reduction rate while guarding the weapon is very high, 71.28, which gives you durability.

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Fable Arts Of Holy Sword Of The Ark

Holy Swords of the Ark has two Fable Arts Patient Smash and Alter that can enhance its performance in combat.

Patient Smash is a charge-up attack and gathers the player’s strength for a strong hit.

Also, Alter lets you transform the length of the handle which decreases the stamina consumption making it easier to use.

Moreover, the weapon will glow red empowering the attacks after re-casting Alter to shorten the length.

Additionally, you can unlock the offensive potential of the weapon by using Alter and Patient Smash together.

This allows the player to attack the enemies with five combo shots with a vast range that can totally dominate enemies.

Location Of Holy Sword Of The Ark 

First, you should visit St. Frangelico Cathedral Library where you must find Alidoro and talk with him.

In Lies of P, Alidoro is one of the Non-Player Characters who will help you to exchange the game’s boss weapons.

holy sword of the ark
St. Frangelico Cathedral Library in Lies of P.

Similarly, you should go towards winding cellars until you find the repository with a large globe.

Moreover, at the Globe, there is a lift that will take you to the top. You will find Alidiro and he will ask you the question if you know of a safe area in the city.

The answer to the question is “Hotel Krat.” Then, Alidiro will move to the lobby area near Antonia’s spot.

holy sword of the ark
Hotel Krat in Lies of P.

Additionally, you should be warned that Boss drops each unique Ergo which will let you exchange for a weapon and an amulet.

The Fuoco Boss, King’s Flame drops the Ergo and trades the Ergo for the Holy Sword of The Ark.

King Flame in Lies of P.
King Flame in Lies of P.

Furthermore, you can feel free to choose which one you want.

In this way, you can get “Holy Sword of The Ark Build” as a reward in exchange for King’s Flame Ergo.

The Bottom Line

In Lies of P, players should learn techniques and master the spells to unlock the full potential of the Holy Sword of the Ark in battle.

Moreover, the Sword is the ultimate weapon on the battlefield with its powerful attacks and damage-dealing abilities.

Hence, you can dominate even the strongest boss by making calculated moves and tactical decisions with the Holy Sword.

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