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What Are Lies Of P Scrapped Watchman Weakness?

Lies of P Scrapped Watchman weakness is one of the hot topics of discussion in gaming communities.

In the game’s first chapter, players will encounter the Scrapped Watchman boss who has two combat phases.

Scrapped Watchman is a tough enemy boss, but it has its weakness too. Lies of P scrapped watchman weakness include vulnerability to charged attacks and susceptibility to backstabs.

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Scrapped Watchman In Lies Of P

The Scrapped Watchmen is one of the toughest bosses to beat in the Lies of P.

Moreover, it is a giant robot that was once part of the Krat police force.

The Scrapped Watchman boss is one of the deadliest bosses in Lies Of P.

However, it was later abandoned and corrupted by electricity.

After defeating the Mad Donkey boss, the player encounters the Scrapped Watchman in Krat City Hall.

Nonetheless, the boss has two phases, both of phases have different attacks and weaknesses.

By using its weakness as an ally, players can easily defeat him to gain rewards.

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Scrapped Watchman’s First Phase: Weaknesses

In the first phase, the Scrapped Watchman will crawl on its arms and legs to reach the player.

Later it uses various melee attacks, such as jabs, swings, slams, and grabs.

Thus, players must try to avoid each attacks because it is fatal.

Nonetheless, the best way to avoid him is to dodge or block these attacks and counterattack when the boss is vulnerable.

Players need to defeat the boss by focusing on his weakness.

The first phase of the Scrapped Watchman fight is not too difficult if the player knows how to dodge, block, and counterattack effectively.

For instance, the boss is weak to charged attacks, especially when it is glowing white.

The Scrapped Watchman’s weakness in the first phase is low resistance to electric damage.

However, charged attacks deal more damage than normal attacks and can also stun the boss for a few seconds, allowing for more hits.

Moreover, players can use the Electric Coil Stick weapon or the Electric Blaze Abrasive item to deal extra electric damage to the boss.

Scrapped Watchman’s Second Phase: Weakness

After the first phase of attacks ends, the second phase of attacks begins.

In his second phase, the Scrapped Watchman becomes more aggressive and gains electric attacks.

Moreover, it uses electric attacks to stun the players and attack with a barrage of strikes.

Second phase attacks of Scrapped Watchman include attacks like Ground slam, Five-hit combo and Lightning explosion.

The Lies of P Scrapped Watchman’s weakness is his head, which takes more damage than the rest of his body.

However, the player can target his head by using Fable Arts, Legion Arms, or Saw-toothed Wheels.

Additionally, the player can use items that increase their resistance to electricity.

It includes items such as Electric Coils or Electric Resistance Potions which reduce the damage and stun duration from the Scrapped Watchman’s electric attacks.

Tips And Tricks To Use Against The Scrapped Watchman

The best way to defeat it is to dodge or block attacks and counterattack when the boss is vulnerable.

Here are some of the tips and tricks to use against the Scrapped Watchman:

1. Use Swift Attacks

The Scrapped Watchman is very fast so players need to be able to react quickly and dodge or block their attacks. They can always drop some combination attacks to slow him down.

2. Wait And Attack

The Scrapped Watchman has a variety of different attack combos, which he will use throughout the entire fight.

While some of the combos are unblockable and must be dodged, such as his ground slam or his lightning explosion.

Meanwhile, players need to learn when to close the gaps or widen it, to attack swiftly.

3. Counter His Attacks

You need to attack The Scrapped Watchman to defeat it.

However, it has some moves that can deal much damage or stun you if you are not careful.

Moreover, players need to learn the timing and the cues for these moves and counter them accordingly with their heaviest of attacks.

Rewards For Defeating Scrapped Watchman

Nothing is more fascinating than getting rewards after defeating a tough villain in the game.

However, players can obtain the following rewards after defeating the Scrapped Watchman.

  1. 5040 Ergo: It is used in the game to buy items, upgrade weapons, and level up.
  2. Quartz: Use it to upgrade weapons and Fable Arts.
  3. Core: You can upgrade weapons and Legion Arms.
  4. Broken Hero’s Ergo: It can be used to unlock new Fable Arts or Legion Arms.
  5. Overcharged Storage Battery: This is a unique item that can be used to craft a powerful weapon called the Electric Coil Stick Head.

The Bottom Line

In Lies of P, Scrapped Watchman is a tough enemy boss but has weaknesses too.

However, players can use various weapons, items, and abilities to exploit the boss’s vulnerabilities and defeat him.

Moreover, you need to be aware of Scrapped Watchman’s weaknesses, attacks, and effective strategies to defeat him.

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