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AC Mirage Judge And Executioner Glitch

Players are complaining about finding a glitch in the AC Mirage Judge and Executioner Walkthrough mission.

The Judge and Executioner Walkthrough mission is the major mission that players have to complete using Basim’s Investigation.

Players have been facing various issues and glitch like mouse curser getting struck, Map not loading, etc in AC Mirage Judge and Executioner mission. These glitches can be resolved by techniques such as reloading the game, changing settings, etc.

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What Is Judge And Executioner Walkthrough?

Judge and Executioner Walkthrough is a mission in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, where your character has to perform certain tasks.

Similarly, players will take the character called Basim who will go into Mazalim Court in the northeast corner of the Round City.

Moreover, Basim will search for the Judge to interrogate him activating the Eagle Vision to locate him.

Judge and Executioner
Starting the Judge and Executioner Walkthrough.

Additionally, players have to find the Governer’s office and examine four objects which are as follows:

  1. A Map which will be on the back right-hand corner
  2. A Book which will be on the central desk
  3. Another Book with poetry
  4. A letter

In the same way, after examining the book and interrogating the Judge, you will complete the mission.

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Judge And Executioner Glitch: An Overview

Many players have been discussing on community platforms like Reddit and Quora that they are facing a glitch in Judge and Executioner Mission.

However, it has not been confirmed by the game developers about those issues faced by the players.

Similarly, the following is the list of glitches that players have been facing:

1. Stuck At The “Investigate The Office” Segment

Players have to complete the “Investigate the Office” segment by examining all required items of the office.

Similarly, players face the issue that they cannot proceed further even after looking at all the items.

Therefore, you should know that you will have to find all four items and examine them to proceed further.

Governer's Office
Finding the items in the Governer Office.

Moreover, players can use the Eagle Vision to locate all four items or try reloading the game.

Additionally, players have discussed that finding the fourth item is especially difficult so you can follow the steps below to find it:

  1. Go to the Balcony in front of the Governor’s Office.
  2. Go to the hallway behind you.
  3. You can find the item in the corner to the back right

2. Mouse Cursor Not Staying On The Game

Some players have been discussing that their mouse cursor is not staying on the game while playing in Borderless Window Mode.

Moreover, the player’s cursor moves out of the game window, and they have to refocus it constantly using alt+tab.

However, it is seen that players have resolved this issue using the following steps:

  1. Go to the settings and select the mouse option.
  2. You will find the “Lock the mouse cursor to the screen” option.
  3. Select that option while playing in the Borderless Window Mode.

3. Getting Stuck In Hiding Spots

Some players are complaining that Basim is getting stuck while hiding in hay carts and roof gardens and can’t climb out.

Therefore, players can check if their walk toggle is on or not if it is on, players cannot get out of hiding spots.

Moreover, players have discussed in the community platforms that untoggle walk worked for them.

4. Unable To Complete The Mission

Some players mention that they have read the note or map for the mission at the end, but they can’t complete it.

Similarly, players will see a cutscene after completing this mission which will be automatically loaded by the game.

Therefore, players will need to read the note on the table in the corner of the room on the right side of the door.

Moreover, the note is not highlighted so they have to search for it and after reading the note, the mission will be complete.

The Bottom Line

Overall, AC Mirage Judge And Executioner Walkthrough is a long yet exciting mission for players.

However, it will be really frustrating if players face any issue or glitch while playing the game as it ruins the game experience.

Additionally, you can resolve the glitch from the above-mentioned methods or directly contact the Ubisoft game support site.

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