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Lords Of The Fallen Pyromancy: How To Build?

Lords of the Fallen is a challenging action role-playing game that offers different classes and magic types for players to choose from.

One of the magic types is Pyromancy, which allows the player to manipulate fire and deal massive damage to enemies.

In Lords of the Fallen, Pyromancy can use spells to burn, blast, and stun their enemies and enhance their weapons and defenses. Furthermore, there are various factors to build a Pyromancy character, such as class, attributes, equipment, and spells.

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What Is Pyromancy In Lords Of The Fallen?

Pyromancy is one of the magic types of characters that the players can choose in Lords of the Fallen. It is one of the three schools of magic in the game, along with Radiant and Umbral

However, to build around Pyromancy, you must choose Pyric Cultist, which has 18 infernos and an Infernal Orb spell.

Pyric Cultist Class
Pyric Cultist Class in Lords of the Fallen.

Pyromancy spells are mainly offensive, as they can burn, explode, or incinerate enemies with fire.

Similarly, the Pyromancy character is a ranged attack that shoots fire-type magic at the enemies and deals heavy damage.

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How To Build Pyromancy In Lords Of The Fallen?

To build a pyromancer character in Lords of the Fallen, the player needs to focus on the Inferno attribute, which determines the damage and effectiveness of your fire spells.

Here are the factors that you need to consider while building a Pyromacy character in Lords of the Fallen:

1. Class

There are a total of nine playable character classes that players can choose from, and further four can be unlocked further in the game.

However, for Pyromancy build, you must choose Pyric Cultist, which will give you an advantage with Pyric magic and attributes.

Similarly, the class can depend on the playstyles you choose and add up with routines and equipment.

2. Attributes

The player should invest most of their attribute points into these two stats while balancing other stats such as vitality, endurance, agility, and Inferno.

However, there is a cap for every attribute along with their class, which limits the choices you can make to upgrade your attributes.

Likewise, your main focus should be upgrading Vitality and Inferno, which are better suited for the Pyromancy build.

3. Weapons And Equipment

Duel wielding is the best choice for Pyromacy build as it can double the damage with both weapons.

Furthermore, there are weapons for Pyromancy build, such as Axe of the Flayed and Bloodlust, which players can get early in the game.

Duel Weapons for Pyromancy lords of the fallen
Duel Weapons for Pyromancy build.

Similarly, for armor, there is already an armor equipped by the Pyro Cultist, which is better suited for Pyromancy build.

However, you can also use equipment such as Inferno Enchantress Helm, Infernal Enchantress Armour and Inferno Enchantress Skirt.

Equipment for Pyromancy build
Equipment for Pyromancy build.

Depending on your preference, you can also equip a shield or a dagger as your secondary weapon.

For armor, you can wear light or medium armor to avoid being overburdened and reduce your spell cooldowns.

4. Runes

The best runes for Pyromancy enhance the effects of pyromancy spells, such as increasing damage, range, or area of effect.

Some examples of good runes for Pyromancy are:

  1. Fire Rune helps to increase Fire Damage by +6, Armour by +6 and Shield by +10%.
  2. Magic Rune helps to increase Attack Power by +7, Magic Defence +5 and Magic Block Defence +9%.
  3. Luck Rune helps increase Attribute Scale by +4, Equipment Capacity by +6, and Block Energy Loss by +9%.

5. Spells

The best spells for pyromancy deal significant damage or have helpful effects on enemies or allies.

Likewise, some spells you can use for Pyromancy build are Adyr’s Rage and Seismic Slam.

lords of the fallen pyromancy
Seismic Slam Spell.

Furthermore, both deal physical damage and also do area damage with firepower.

However, repeated use of such a spell can consume a lot of mana, so use it carefully.

Similarly, you can use basic fire spells such as Fireball, Firestorm, Fire Shield, etc.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Pyromancy is a fun and powerful magic type in Lords of the Fallen, allowing you to deal massive fire damage.

Players can learn Pyromancy spells from various vendors or enemies, and runes, equipment, and attributes can enhance them.

Moreover, depending on the player’s choices, it can make the game easier or more challenging.

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