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Lords Of The Fallen Inferno Vs Radiance

Among various stats that players can use in the Lords of the Fallen, Inferno Vs Radiance are the primary ones.

There are six stats in Lords of the Fallen that will upgrade the players’ abilities and make them stronger.

Inferno vs Radiance in the Lords of the Fallen is an analogy of two important stats of the game based on what they do, the spells they allow, etc. These stats are required in order to adapt to the playstyle you want.

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What Is Radiance In Lords Of The Fallen?

Radiance is a primary stat in Lords of the Fallen that allows players to the Radiance-Scaled Weapons and cast Spells.

Similarly, players will be able to increase their Mana by certain points and defense stats like Physical, Fire, Holy, etc.

Moreover, you can increase your radiance stat using the Vigor at the Vestige after you select the “Upgrade Character” option.

Fighting using Radiance stat.

Additionally, players can buff their character’s build and strength using the Radiance stat which works best with lightning magic.

However, you have to be careful while using radiance with some enemies as they can be immune to Radiance spells.

Players can start from the Orian Preacher starting class as this class has the highest Radiance level.

The following table shows the list of types of equipment that require Radiance:

Spells Weapons Shields
Aura of TenacityFungus-Encrusted PickaxeOrian Preacher Shield
Barbed AuraCharm of Fortune'sPureblade Shield
Blessed ReflectionsExacter DaggerSanctified Huntress Shield
Briar StormStomund's FlailShield of the First of the Beasts
Cleansing SpringDevotion's MightMiner's Desperation
ConsecrateJudge Cleric's Corrupted SwordShield of P├Čercing Light
Divine ArmsNohuta PolearmChurch of Orian Radiance Greatshield
Healing RadiancePutrid Child SwordPale Eye Shield
Healing SigilJudge Cleric's SpearShield of the Hushed Saint
Lacerating WeaponExacter Dunmire's Cane-

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What Is Inferno Lords Of The Fallen?

Inferno is the second primary stat in Lords of the Fallen that allows players to use Inferno-scaled weapons and spells.

Similarly, players can use Inferno stat if they want to use explosive spells just like the Pyromancer Magic.

Moreover, you will be able to perform quick magic spells and attacks as Inferno provides offensive spells and weapon abilities.

Fighting using Inferno Stat.

However, Inferno, being an offensive stat, it also enhances your defensive stat as some enemies may be immune to them.

Additionally, players who want to use Inferno spells can start from the Pyric Cultist class as it has the highest stat.

The following table shows the list of types of equipment that require Inferno:

Spells Weapons Shields
Adyr's AuthorityAxe of the Flayed Fungus EncrustedLightreaper's Shield
Adyr's HardinessCharm of Fortune's SightShield of the First of the Beasts
CataclysmSkinstealer KnifeSkinstealer Shield
ConflagrationLord's BiteRuiner Shield
Infernal DecreeDamarose's CleaverMiner's Desperation
Flame FunnelBlacksmith's Pride Infernal EnchantressPale Eye Shield
Infernal GuardianBloodlust Elianne the Starved'sShield of the Hushed Saint
Infernal OrbEviscerating Spear-
Lava BurstJudge Cleric's Corrupted Sword-
Pyroclastic StoneQueen's Head Hammer-

Radiance Vs Inferno: Differences

Radiance and Inferno are both the primary stats among six of the stats in Lords of the Fallen.

Similarly, there are not many differences between Radiance and Inferno with some major differences.

Moreover, some of the differences between Radiance and Inferno are as follows:

1. Spells And Weapons

Players use various types of weapons and cast different spells while fighting the enemies in the game.

Similarly, players need stats to increase the strength of their spells and upgrade their weapons.

Moreover, the Radiance stat increases the spells like Aura of Tenacity, Barbed Aura, Blessed, Reflections, Briar Storm, etc.

weapons and spells
Choosing Infernal Orb Weapon to fight.

However, the Inferno stat increases the spells like Adyr’s Authority, Adyr’s Endurance, Cataclysm, Conflagration, Flame Funnel, Infernal Decree, etc.

Additionally, weapons like Fungus-Encrusted Pickaxe, Defender Sword, etc require Radiance while Grinning Axe, Fallen Lord’s Sword, etc require Inferno.

Therefore, it depends on the players what stat they want to use as per their needs and choices of spells and weapons.

2. Defense And Offense

Players need both defense as well as offense strategies while playing depending on the enemies they fight with.

Similarly, Radiance primarily focuses on defensive strategies with healing magic and spells that increase your defense.

Whereas Inferno primarily focuses on offensive strategies with spells that cast destructive fire magic and weapons like fiery axes.

Additionally, the following table shows the increase in your defense stat when you increase both Radiance and Inferno by one point:

For Radiance For Inferno
Physical stat increase by 1 pointPhysical increase by 1 point
Fire increase by 1 pointFire increase by 3 point
Holy increase by 3 pointHoly increase by 1 point
Wither increase by 3 pointWither increase by 1 point

However, players have to be careful about which stat to use as some of the enemies might be immune to one of these stats.

Radiance Vs Inferno: Similarities

Although there are differences between Radiance and Inferno, they also have some similarities between them.

Similarly, the similarities between Radiance and Inferno are mentioned in the following points:

  1. Both the Radiance and Inferno are the primary stats.
  2. The player’s mana is increased by 8 points when increasing both the Radiance and Inferno.
  3. Players have to spend vigor to increase both the stats.
  4. Adding two points to any of these stats will increase the resistance by one point.

The Bottom Line

Overall, both the Radiance and Inferno are major stats that help the players increase their spell magic ability, build, etc.

Similarly, both of these stats have their own strong and weak points which are discussed above.

Therefore, players need to decide which stat they want to use depending on their enemies, spells and weapons.

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