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Is Monopoly Go Airplane Mode Fixed?

Monopoly Go is a popular mobile game that allows players to collect properties and compete with other players in real time.

Players have discovered the Airplane Mode glitch in the game, which has been controversial among the gaming community.

Monopoly Go Airplane Mode glitch lets players reroll their dice without losing their progress. However, many players report that the developers have fixed the glitch.

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What Is The Airplane Mode Glitch In Monopoly Go?

The airplane mode glitch is a trick that some players use to manipulate their dice rolls in Monopoly Go.

The idea is to turn on the airplane mode on your device before rolling the dice, which disconnects them from the internet.

Turn on the Airplane mode
Turn on the Airplane mode.

Then, you can roll the dice and see the result. If satisfied with the result, you can turn off the airplane mode and reconnect to the game.

If you are unhappy with the result, you can close the game, delete the app, reinstall it, and log in again.

Roll the dice
Roll the dice, and when you land on a good result.

You can roll the dice again without losing their previous properties or money. The glitch can give players an unfair advantage over other players who play by the rules.

For example, they can avoid landing on expensive properties or taxes or land on free properties or bonuses more often.

They can also use the glitch to get better results in events or challenges that require dice rolls.

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What Are The Risk Of Using Airplane Mode Glitch?

The airplane mode glitch works because of a game design flaw in Monopoly Go.

The game does not save the player’s progress until they reconnect to the internet after rolling the dice.

Therefore, if they delete the app before reconnecting, they can erase their dice roll and start over.

The game also does not check whether the player has been offline for too long or whether they have changed their device or app version.

This allows them to reinstall the app and log in again without any consequences.

The airplane mode glitch is not easy to perform since it requires several steps and a lot of time.

The player has to turn on and off the airplane mode, close and delete the app, reinstall and log in again, and repeat this process until they get a favorable dice roll.

Each roll can take several minutes, depending on their internet speed and device performance.

Moreover, the player has to risk losing their account or data if something goes wrong during the process.

Is The Monopoly Go Airplane Mode Glitch Fixed?

The answer to this question is unclear since many players claim that the glitch still works.

Some players claim that the airplane mode glitch works as of October 2023, while others say that the game developers have patched it.

There are also different versions of the glitch, depending on whether the player uses Apple or Android devices.

However, some players report that they can still use the glitch using a different method.

They claim they can turn on the airplane mode after rolling the dice instead of before and then delete and reinstall the app as usual.

Some players say that they can still use the glitch without any problems. Others say they have encountered some issues or errors when using the glitch.

However, there is a report that with a new event update, they will force you to update the game and fix the airplane mode glitch.

The Bottom Line

The airplane mode glitch is a controversial trick that some players use to manipulate their dice rolls in Monopoly Go.

The glitch works by turning on and off the airplane mode, deleting and reinstalling the app, and logging in again.

However, the glitch is challenging and may not work for everyone.

Therefore, with the new event update, you might not be able to use the airplane mode glitch since it may be fixed by the developers.

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