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Exploring Earth In Starfield: Is There Anything?

Earth is an incredibly significant location within the expansive universe of Starfield.

During the trip to Earth in Starfield, it is discovered that the planet looks vastly different from what is usually seen. It has become uninhabitable since 2203.

Furthermore, most of the human-made structures have been destroyed.

In the Starfield game, the Earth has become a barren place. The planet Earth is in its post-apocalyptic state, where no lives are left.

This article explores the journey through the stars to rediscover Earth in Starfield and whether anything is left there or not.

What Happened To Earth In Starfield?

In Starfield, the depiction of Earth is drastically different from the green world we currently know.

At the start of the game’s storyline Earth has transformed into a barren landscape.

earth location
Location of Earth at Starfield.

To comprehend how this transformation occurred, we must delve into the past.

During the year 2150, scientists realized that Earth’s magnetosphere was teetering on the verge of collapse within a span of 50 years.

This catastrophic event forced humanity to seek refuge elsewhere in the cosmos.

The United Colonies emerged as the driving force behind this departure, leading to the colonization of Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system by 2160.

However, the true story behind Earth’s fate is more complex than it seems.

The Grav Jump Experiment

Earth’s decline was further exacerbated by a scientific experiment gone awry.

NASA scientists were experimenting with Grav Jump technology, which was tested on Earth’s moon.

Over time, this experiment had catastrophic consequences, resulting in the Earth’s atmosphere being irreparably damaged.

Moreover, it has transformed the planet into a radioactive wasteland.

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How To Get To Earth In Starfield?

For players eager to revisit or explore Earth for the first time, reaching our home planet is an achievable goal.

Furthermore, there are some remains of human-made structures and natural milestones from before the catastrophe which you will find interesting to discover.

Here’s how to make the journey:

1. Locate The Sol System

On the Starmap, the Sol system is just a stone’s throw away from the Alpha Centauri system, where you’ll likely start your journey in Starfield.

2. Complete The Old Neighborhood Quest

Ensure you’ve completed the Old Neighborhood quest, which is the second main quest in the game.

You’ll receive this quest at the Constellation Lodge in New Atlantis.

3. Check Your Ship’s Inventory

Before attempting to travel to Earth, ensure your ship’s inventory is not over-encumbered and that you have no contraband on board.

Exploring Earth In Starfield

Once you’ve successfully reached Earth, you’ll be greeted by a vast, albeit barren, landscape.

Further, the Earth in Starfield offers limited resources and little in the way of civilization.

However, there are still remnants of the past to discover, making the journey worthwhile.

Discovering Earth’s Hidden Gems

Earth in Starfield is not entirely devoid of interest.

While it may appear as a featureless desert at first glance, diligent explorers can uncover a few “remnants of the old world.”

Additionally, these remnants are tied to specific quests that can be found at Earth’s landmarks.

They are as below:

  • The Shard (London Landmark): To unlock this landmark, players must obtain a copy of “Oliver Twist.”
  • The Empire State Building (New York Landmark): “Our Lost Heritage” is the book that unlocks this iconic New York landmark.
  • The Gateway Arch (Saint Louis Landmark): Players must get their hands on “The Price of Destiny” to visit this Missouri landmark.
  • The Pyramids (Cairo Landmark): Unlock this landmark by obtaining “The Ancient Civilization of Egypt.”
  • The Shanghai Tower (Shanghai Landmark): “Essentials of Modern Macroeconomics” is the key to visiting the Shanghai Tower.
  • The International Commerce Center (Hong Kong Landmark): Unlock this lesser-known landmark with “Maurice Lyon’s Journal.”
  • NASA Launch Tower (Story-Related): Players can visit the NASA Launch Tower during the “Unearthed” main story mission.
  • Other Man-Made Landmarks: Apart from Earth’s landmarks, there are other key man-made landmarks within the SOL star system, each containing a snow globe for collectors.

Resources On Earth

Resource-minded explorers will find Earth to be a treasure trove of valuable materials.

london- andmrark
Earth’s forgotten London landmark at Starfield.

Utilizing the Starmap’s resource feature allows you to pinpoint the locations of Chlorine, Lead, Water, Chlorosilane, and Mercury resources scattered across Earth’s vast surface.

Moreover, this resource-rich landscape can be a boon for those looking to stock up on essential supplies for their interstellar journey.

The Bottom Line

Earth in Starfield is a testament to the game’s rich lore and attention to detail.

Its transformation from a vibrant world to a desolate wasteland is a story worth exploring.

Moreover, as you step onto Earth’s surface and uncover its hidden landmarks, you’ll better appreciate the intricate narrative woven into Bethesda’s latest masterpiece.

So, equip your spacesuit, fuel up your ship, and prepare for an unforgettable journey back to Earth in Starfield.

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