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Battle Master Or Champion In BG3: Choosing The Best Fighter

In the realm of Baldurs Gate 3 (BG3), fighters are given a thrilling chance to specialize and enhance their combat skills with a range of subclasses.

The Battle Master or Champion in BG3 emerges as a standout choice for players who crave a fighter adventure.

When choosing between the Battle Master or Champion in BG3, consider your playstyle: Battle Master for tactical depth, Champion for simplicity and critical hits.

In this article, we will delve into the Battle Master and Champion subclasses, providing you with an understanding that will aid you in choosing the best subclass for you.

Battle Master: Mastering The Art Of Combat

The Battle Master represents a sophisticated combat style that leverages tactical superiority and extensive field experience.

This Master is a skilled fighter with clever tactics and combat experience.

bm halfore
Battle Master which belongs to the race Half-Ore.

They have special moves called “Maneuvers” that give them an advantage in battle.

Here are some of the exceptional qualities that make the Battle Master an excellent choice for your character:

1. Maneuver Mechanic

The Battle Master’s arsenal is centered around the Maneuver mechanic.

The Maneuver mechanic is like a toolbox for Battle Masters, offering a range of combat tactics that can turn the tide of a fight in various ways.

This mechanic empowers Battle Masters to select combat maneuvers with their tactical effects, capable of significantly impacting the course of a battle.

2. Superiority Dice Mechanic

Integral to the Battle Master’s combat style is the “Superiority Dice” mechanic.

These dice power up the Battle Master’s maneuvers and can be recharged once during a short rest.

This resource adds a dynamic layer to your combat abilities, allowing flexibility in adapting to different situations.

3. Versatility In Combat

Battle Masters possess an array of combat techniques in their arsenal, such as Menacing Strike, Forceful Push and Counterstrike, among others.

These maneuvers provide Battle Masters with a diverse toolkit for different combat scenarios, making them adaptable and effective fighters.

Each maneuver serves an objective, whether intimidating adversaries or tactically relocating them on the battlefield.

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Champion: Embracing Raw Physical Prowess

The Champion subclass embodies the essence of honed physical prowess and devastating blows.

c halfelf
Champion which belongs to the race Half-Elf.

Despite its apparent simplicity, the Champion focuses on delivering powerful blows and increasing the frequency of critical hits.

This can make it a formidable choice, especially for those who enjoy straightforward combat.

Although it may appear simple, the Champion possesses advantages that elevate it to an option.

1. Focus On Critical Hits

One of the defining features of the Champion subclass is its unparalleled mastery of critical hits.

Critical hits occur when an attack roll produces an incredibly accurate and powerful strike.

The Champion dramatically increases the frequency and potency of these game-changing moments.

This means more devastating damage and the potential to hinder opponents.

2. Simplicity And Accessibility

The Champion is great for beginners as it keeps combat simple and doesn’t involve tricky moves or resource management.

Moreover, Champion offers a simple and reliable combat style that focuses on hitting hard and scoring critical hits.

It doesn’t rely on complex maneuvers or resource management, making it easy to grasp and play effectively.

Comparing Battle Master And Champion In BG3

Here is a comparison of the Battle Master and Champion fighter subclasses to help you decide which one aligns better with your preferences and playstyle.

Battle Master

  • Offers versatility with a variety of combat maneuvers.
  • Employs the Superiority Dice mechanic for added tactical depth.
  • Excels in battlefield control, fear-inducing attacks, and repositioning foes.
  • Requires a strategic mindset and resource management.


  • Prioritizes critical hits, increasing the likelihood of devastating strikes.
  • Provides a simple and accessible playstyle, ideal for beginners.
  • Focuses on raw physical power, making it reliable and consistent in combat.
  • Offers straightforward gameplay without the need for maneuver selection or resource management.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, when it comes to selecting the Battle Master or Champion in BG3, it all boils down to your personal play style preference.

Whether you become a master of battlefield tactics or a champion of raw power, your fighter’s journey in Baldur’s Gate 3 promises excitement and adventure.

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