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Navigating The Stars: Smuggler Ship In Starfield

Among the many paths one can tread in the Starfield cosmos, smuggling is a daring and lucrative venture.

Smuggler ship plays a pivotal role in this endeavor, allowing players to transport contraband, evade scanners, and outwit authorities.

In this guide, we delve into the world of smuggling in Starfield and explore the ships that make it all possible.

The Art Of Smuggling

Smuggling in Starfield is no walk in the park. Players must navigate the fine line between profit and peril.

The game’s universe is equipped with scanners in various systems that diligently inspect cargo for illicit goods.

Successfully smuggling contraband requires strategy, skill, and the correct ship.

Smuggling Skill And Deception

One way to improve your chances of flourishing smuggling is by investing in the Deception skill.

This skill lets you slip under the radar and avoid detection during cargo scans.

However, it’s important to note that even with a high Deception skill, there are no guarantees in the risk-filled world of smuggling.

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The Shielded Cargo Hold

A critical element of a smuggler ship at Starfield is its cargo hold.

Smugglers need a ship with a shielded cargo hold to hide illegal goods effectively.

These shielded holds increase the odds of avoiding scans and fines when carrying contraband.

Obtaining a ship with this feature is a game-changer for any aspiring smuggler.

Joining The Crimson Fleet

To fully embrace the life of a smuggler, players can join the Crimson Fleet, a faction well-versed in covert operations.

crimson fleet
Ship outside the Crimson Fleet HQ.

Becoming a member of this faction opens access to missions tailored for smugglers.

These missions often involve transporting illicit cargo, making them ideal for those seeking the thrill of the trade.

The Mantis Quest: Unlocking The Razorleaf

One of the early quests in Starfield, known as “The Mantis,” offers players the opportunity to acquire the Razorleaf ship.

rajor leaf
Starfield Razorleaf ship.

This vessel boasts a shielded cargo hold and is equipped with impressive fuel capacity, hull protection, and formidable weapons.

It is an excellent choice for novice smugglers looking to establish themselves in the trade.

The Wanderwell: A Cargo Champion

For those who prioritize cargo capacity over combat prowess, the Wanderwell is an enticing option.

Players can eventually receive this class A ship as a gift from their in-game parents by selecting the Kid Stuff trait.

With a substantial cargo capacity of 880, the Wanderwell is perfect for hauling resources needed to complete various side missions.

The Shieldbreaker: A Versatile Choice

If credits are no object, the Shieldbreaker, a class B ship, offers an appealing mix of features.

It excels both in combat and cargo capacity, making it a versatile choice for smugglers and its cargo hold, while not shielded, is capacious, allowing for lucrative smuggling runs.

With its potent weaponry and relatively high crew capacity, the Shieldbreaker can handle various challenges.

The Silent Runner: For Dedicated Haulers

Smugglers who prioritize cargo space above all else will find solace in the Silent Runner.

This class C ship boasts an astounding cargo capacity of 6,060, making it an ideal choice for dedicated haulers.

While combat capability takes a back seat, the Silent Runner’s cargo hold is a treasure trove for those seeking profit through smuggling.

The Abyss Trekker: Ready For Dogfights

For smugglers with a taste for combat, the Abyss Trekker is a class C ship specializing in taking down opponents.

Its arsenal includes a generous supply of missiles and ballistics, ensuring you’re well-equipped to handle adversaries in space.

While its cargo capacity is modest, the Abyss Trekker is a force to be reckoned with in combat situations.

The Narwhal: A Well-Rounded Champion

Among the top-tier ships in Starfield, the Narwhal stands out as an all-rounder.

With impressive cargo capacity, fuel range, hull protection, and weaponry, it offers a balanced blend of features.

While it comes at a steep price, the Narwhal is an investment that pays dividends for smugglers looking to handle various tasks efficiently.

The Starborn Guardian: New Game Plus Ship

For players seeking the pinnacle of smuggler ship at Starfield, the Starborn Guardian awaits in New Game Plus.

This class A ship boasts exceptional speed, cargo capacity, weaponry, and unique weapons.

It’s a true treasure that can only be earned by completing the game and starting a new game plus.

The Bottom Line

In Starfield, a smuggler ship opens the door to a thrilling and profitable underworld of spacefaring adventures.

Whether you prefer combat-focused vessels or cargo-centric behemoths, there’s a ship to match your smuggling style.

As you embark on your journey among the stars, remember that flourishing smuggling requires more.

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