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Monopoly Go: Gift Puzzle Pieces And Stickers

Monopoly Go allows players to win new rewards and puzzle pieces which you can also gift to your friends.

It has already set standards for being the best appellative board game that you can play with ease.

Similarly, this game offers dynamic gameplay where you can build your city, explore them, and much more.

In Monopoly Go, players can gift puzzle pieces to their partner only if they land on the partner gift icon while spinning the wheel and also by choosing the album option on the home screen.

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How To Get Puzzle Pieces Inside The Game?

Players can collect Puzzle Pieces in Monopoly Go through multiple platforms inside the board.

Firstly, players can get puzzle pieces from your quick wins that you can track from the bottom left corner.

Additionally, you can find multiple prizes that are due to be collected alongside puzzle pieces by completing missions.

Collect pieces from quick wins.
Collect pieces from quick wins.

Secondly, players can also get puzzle pieces by completing the Toy Partner Event Milestones before its deadline.

The Monopoly Go Toy Partners Event Reward and Point List is provided below:

Points RequiredMilestone Reward
1,800160 Dice Rolls
6,800150 dice Rolls

14,200Blue Vault:

250 Dice Rolls

30,200Pink Vault:

350 Dice Rolls

3- Star Sticker Pack
60,000600 Dice Rolls

4- Star Sticker Pack

Thirdly, you can get your puzzle pieces twice per day from the 8-hour login shop which updates after eight hours automatically.

Finally, you can land on reward tiles while playing the board game as some of the tiles consist of puzzle pieces.

Moreover, you can use high multipliers while rolling the dice for high reward and gamble to collect many puzzle pieces.

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What Are The Uses Of Puzzle Pieces?

In Monopoly Go, Puzzle Pieces can be used to help the players build the toys during the events.

These pieces are quite essential for completing the task and collecting the rewards after you complete the mission.

Puzzle Pieces in Monopoly Go.
Puzzle Pieces in Monopoly Go.

Similarly, Users can find several benefits and can perform several actions from collecting the puzzle pieces.

Puzzle pieces in Monopoly Go aren’t just collectibles; they’re the currency of your partnership to build toys.

Team Up By Adding Partners

To start the process of toy building, firstly head to the center of the board where you’ll find four inviting green plus icons.

Similarly, tapping on any of these icons will enable you to send an invite to each player to team up.

After teaming up with players, you can now build the several toys that you want by working together.

Adding Friends
Adding Friends in Monopoly Go.

Moreover, you have to Keep in mind that you can only have one partner for each toy.

Thus, it’s an important decision to find the correct partner to team up with, so choose your partner wisely.

Spin TheĀ  Rewarding Spinner:

Once you have your partner, it would be an excitement to play together as now the game reveals the interesting part.

Puzzle pieces become a great deal, and you can use them to spin for points on a rewarding spinner.

Similarly, this spinner provides a multiplier to go as high as x20 to boost your points drastically.

The Spinners multipliers can heavily influence your chances of earning enough points for the toy.

However, you will only be able to spin the amount of puzzle pieces you currently have, so collecting more pieces is beneficial.

How To Gift Puzzle Pieces To Your Friends?

First of all, you must add some of the friends inside the game as it only allows players to send gifts to their in-game friends.

Similarly, Players can only access Partner events once they have reached their board level five to provide their friends with puzzle pieces.

So by moving to the center of the board, you can view the mini-game section where you can spin the rewarding wheel.

Spinning wheel to send gift.
Spinning wheel to send a gift.

Thus players can spin the wheel on that mini game and once it lands on the option “partner“, you can send gifts to your friends.

Moreover, players can also gifts their friends by clicking on the “album” option at the bottom of their screen.

Here, you can see all the available stickers and albums that you can send as a gift to a friend.

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