Raphael Or Emperor In BG3: Which One To Side With?

Raphael Or Emperor In BG3 Which One To Side With
Raphael Or Emperor In BG3 Which One To Side With.

Baldur’s Gate 3 gives you an essential choice in Act 3, which will affect the ending of the game.

You will encounter two vital characters in the game, Raphael and the Emperor during Act 3 of Baldur’s Game 3.

Additionally, either choice you make will lead to different storylines affecting the game’s result and completely different outcomes.

If you choose Raphael, you will side with the devil, but choosing the Emperor means staying loyal to your morals. So, you should wisely choose either Raphael or Emperor in BG3.

Continue to read more about what changes and outcomes you will get if you side with Raphael and the Emperor in BG3.

Who Is Raphael In BG3?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, Raphael is portrayed as the game’s evil character and antagonist.

Players can find him in different locations in Act 1, Act 2 and Act 3. He can be in the House of Hope, Sharess’ Caress, at the entrance of the mausoleum, etc.

raphael or emperor bg3
Raphael is an evil in BG3.

In the early stages of the Game, Raphael will offer you the deal to cure players Tadpole and offers Orphic Hammer.

You will also have to serve him with the Crown of Karsus in return for his favors and betraying the emperor.

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Who Is The Emperor In BG3?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the Emperor is the main mind flayer and the protagonist who proposes the decision against Raphael.

Additionally, you can find him in Astrail Plane and on the top of Nether Brain in Act 3.

raphael or emperor bg3
Emperor in BG3.

Additionally, if you side with the Emperor, he will be able to use Orpheus’ power and prevent the member from becoming a mind flayer.

However, you have to infiltrate the House of Hope, steal the Orphic Hammer, and finally take on Raphael in combat.

What Happens If You Side With Raphael?

You will be making an evil decision if you make a deal and side with Raphael in the game.

However, you will have many advantages and free bonuses if you accept Raphael’s deal.

1. Handover The Crown Of Karsus

You will have to provide Raphael with the Crown of Karsus in exchange for the offer with Raphael.

Additionally, you will need to defeat the elder brain at the end of the game to take the crown of Karsus.

However, you should be aware that the Nine Hells, Avernus, and many other worlds will be controlled by Raphael.

2. Receive Orphic Hammer

One of the great advantages is that you will be offered an Orphic hammer instantly as you accept Raphael’s deal.

Similarly, the Orphic Hammer is the legendary weapon that will help you free Prince Orpheus from Astral Prism.

What Happens If You Side With The Emperor?

If you side with the emperor, you will have many adventures and quests to complete on your own.

1. Easy Battle With The Netherbrain

The Battle with Netherbrain becomes easier as the emperor will not assist Netherbrains in the battle.

Additionally, you will only need to defeat the Netherbrain and not fight with the Emperor leading to easy victory.

Battle with Netherbrains in BG3.
Battle with Netherbrains in BG3.

However, you may lose a trustworthy companion Karlach while making this decision.

2. Mind Flayer Transformation

The Emperor is strictly against the decision to transform party members into mind flayers.

If you side with the Emperor, he will use Prince Orpheus’s power to prevent your party from becoming the Mindflayers.

Should You Side With Raphael Or Emperor In BG3?

The choices that you make in the game will have both positive and negative impacts in the game.

If you accept Raphael’s deal, you will receive an Orphic Hammer and free Orpheus, leading to easy defeat.

However, this may lead to a darker ending as Raphael will take full control over the other different worlds.

In contrast, if you side with the Emperor, you can stop your party members from becoming mindflayers.

But this may lead you to pay expensive losses to certain party members including Karlach.

Overall, siding with the Emperor seems the better option in the game, as the battles and fights will be much easier.

The Bottom Line

Baldur’s Gate 3 provides you with alternative choices that will lead to different storylines and outcomes.

Moreover, you can always make the decision on your own, depending upon your personal benefit from the game.

Choosing between two key characters, Raphael and the emperor remains one of the most important decisions in the game.

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