Should You Kill Maiko In Cyberpunk Or Not : Find Your Move

Kill Maiko or Not?
Kill Maiko or Not?

In Cyberpunk, players should make important decisions about whether to kill Maiko, which will have consequences later.

After completing the quest “Talking bout a revolution,” Judy will talk to you about the “Pisces Quest.”

In this quest, Players must confront Judy’s rapist, Oswald Forrest, who you must encounter with Judy’s ex, “Maiko”.

The choice to kill Maiko in Cyberpunk depends on the players’ preferred storyline as this choice can lead to several consequences in the game. 

Continue reading to learn more about Maiko in Cyberpunk.

Who Is Maiko In Cyberpunk ?

Maiko Maeda is an associate of the Tyger Claws and is Clouds’ manager for now.

Similarly, Maiko wants to take over Clouds Management and replace Hiromi Sato from his Job. 

In the past, Maiko was one of the dolls at Clouds but was eventually promoted to manager.

Learning about Maiko.
Learning about Maiko.

During her time as a doll, Maiko was Judy Alvarez’s supervisor, leading to Judy developing strong romantic feelings for her.

However, their relationship had terrible endings, as Maiko displayed manipulative behaviors, which resulted in a breakup.

Since then, they have kept their distance and maintained a cold relationship, although Maiko still cares for Judy to some extent.

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How To Find Maiko In Cyberpunk? 

You have to meet with Judy and the dolls at Megabuilding H8 in Japantown after completing the quest “Talking Bout a revolution.”

After meeting with Dolls and Judy in Megabuilding, you must follow them to the elevator.

Similarly, right after they show you the elevator, you must go to the maintenance floor.

Upon reaching the maintenance floor, you encounter three enemies blocking your way, and you have to kill them before meeting Judy.

Next, you must go to the rooftop by taking the elevator and breaking the fence.

Moving to the Rooftop.
Moving to the Rooftop.

You can only break the fence if you have a level 5 body; otherwise, you must climb up using the AC unit.

Up there, you will get to reencounter some enemies, make sure to kill them all, and enter Maiko’s office.

Finally, you can find Maiko in her office meeting with Tyger Claws bosses and Hiromi Sato.

Should You Accept Maiko’s Deal In Cyberpunk?

Maiko wants to take over the Clouds management and Hiromi Sato’s Job, for which she takes help from the players.

Similarly, her deal could lead to several possibilities inside the game, and it is up to the players to make the choices.

Firstly, she will pay if you accept Maiko’s deal and talk to Bosses about giving Maiko Hiromi Sato’s Job.

If you take the payment, Judy will get angry with you, and your chance to romanticize her will fade away. 

Judy getting angry.
Judy getting angry.

However, if you helped Maiko by talking to her bosses and refusing the payment, you can have your romance with Judy. 

Secondly, if you do not want to follow Maiko’s plan, you must kill Tiger Claw bosses and Hiromi by yourself.

Fighting with bosses.
Fighting with bosses.

Similarly, Maiko won’t get the chance to manage Clouds after killing bosses.

This decision will upset Maiko, and she warns you about returning Tyger Claws to take over Clouds.

Players have two options: kill Maiko or get out of the building.

If the Player left the building, Judy would be happy, as the clouds now belong to the dolls, and give a cheek kiss to you.

Judy getting surprised.
Judy is surprised.

However, if you had to kill Maiko, this would surprise Judy, and you would need to apologize to her, which she would appreciate.

There is still a chance to have a romance with her even if she leaves the situation awkwardly to process Maiko’s death.

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