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Monopoly Go: Space Repairs Event Rewards

Monopoly Go is by bar the best board game which gets even more exciting for every new mission and event it releases.

Similarly, players can get in-game rewards from the events such as multiple dice rolls, interesting stickers, etc.

In Monopoly Go Space repair event, players can get a Golden Blue Sticker along with 1700 dice as rewards for leading the scoreboard and completing 30 milestones, respectively. 

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What Is Space Repair Event In Monopoly Go?

In Monopoly Go, the Space Repair Event is a competitive event where players must follow a series of milestones.

Many players around the globe try to secure the first position on the leaderboard by completing every milestone.

Similarly, this event also provides the excitement of space exploration inside the board game setting.

Moreover, players in the Space Repair Tournament can get multiple points for landing on the Railways.

Players can collect points not only from milestones and railways but also by playing special cards: Shutdown and Bank Heist.

City in Monopoly Go.
City in Monopoly Go.

Let’s see how these card-based point opportunities work:

  1. Shutdown:

Shutdown Blocked – 2 points.

Shutdown Success – 4 points.

2. Bank Heist:

Small Heist – 4 points.

Large Heist – 6 points.

Bankrupt – 8 points.

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Monopoly Go: Rewards In Space Repairs Event

Players are eligible for many rewards once they complete the milestones and finish the event.

In the Monopoly Go Space Repairs Event, players not only venture into milestones but also can achieve exciting rewards at the end.

Those players who complete all 30 milestones are rewarded with 1700 dice rolls and opportunities to develop their position in the future.

Similarly, the players who secure the first position on their leaderboard can get their hands on the grand prize.

The top-tier champion will get a Golden Blue Sticker Pack which contains the guaranteed 4-star exclusive gold Sticker.

Alongside the Golden Blue Sticker Pack, players also receive a further 1500 dice rolls which will help in future games.

Moreover, players who finish the tournament with the second rank on the leaderboard are also rewarded.

Second-rank players are rewarded with a 5-star Purple Sticker Pack which contains the guaranteed 5-star normal sticker.

Additionally, second-place winners will also receive 750 dice rolls, which will come in handy in future games.

Thus, getting a hand on this kind of reward greatly motivates players to participate in the Space Repair Event.

Monopoly GO: Opponents In Space Repair Event

In the Space Repair Event, players are grouped against 49 other players in a tight competition tournament.

The agitation of this competition depends on 49 players, where your in-game performance decides the position in the leaderboard.

The Space Repair Tournament follows a unique matchmaking system that places you into groups of 50 players.

Opponent in Space Repairs.
Opponent in Space Repairs.

Similarly, this grouping sets the stage for your battles in the event.

However, what makes the Space Repair Event exciting is the ever-changing nature of this competition.

Sometimes, players might find themselves placed in a group of exceptionally skilled players.

This will lead to an intense competitive environment where every decision and strategy is crucial.

Similarly, players need a high level of skill and techniques to compete with these tough opponents.

Alternatively, sometimes players are grouped with less experienced and comparatively easier opponents.

This kind of game offers a great opportunity to reveal your strategy and decisions to secure a higher position.

Thus, the separation of your group would have a significant impact on your tournament experience.

Despite all this, the Monopoly Go Space Repair Event provides thrills in every game, whether you’re grouped with strong or weaker opponents.

The Bottom Line

In Monopoly Go, players can get exciting rewards by competing in thrilling Space Repair Event.

This event provides strategic gameplay that includes space exploration within the limitations of a board game.

Concluding, players have to face and complete all 30 milestones and aim to secure the top position on the leaderboard for exciting rewards.

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