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Find The Secrets: What Planet Is The Lodge On Starfield?

One of the most intriguing aspects of Starfield is the Lodge, a central hub for the Constellation and a gateway to thrilling adventures.

There is more to the Lodge that players can enjoy playing and discovering many secrets, missions and rewards.

In Starfield, finding what planet the lodge is on is essential for the players to start their journey in the game. The Lodge can be found on Jemison planet, part of the Alpha Centauri system.

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What Is The Lodge In Starfield?

The Lodge is a massive structure that serves as the headquarters for the Constellation.

Similarly, it is a faction of explorers and adventurers who seek to uncover the secrets of the cosmos.

However, the Lodge is also a place where players can embark on essential missions, report back after discovering artifacts, and ultimately finish their time with Starfield.

The Lodge represents more than just a place, but a community where players can fully engage in a world of exploration and connection.

What Planet Is The Lodge Located On In Starfield?

Players can find the Lodge on Jemison planet in an Alpha Centauri system with four planets and eight moons.

However, to get to The Lodge, you need to visit the city of New Atlantis, which is itself found on the planet of Jemison in the Alpha Centauri System.

Location of a Lodge in Starfield
Location of a Lodge in Starfield.

Once you reach Jemison, choose the landing zone for The Lodge. Upon landing, proceed straight ahead through the doors to reach The Lodge.

Discovering the Lodge in Starfield
Discovering the Lodge in Starfield.

The Lodge in Starfield offers gear upgrades, cooking, and research that the players can utilize while completing the mission.

Similarly, down in the basement of this location, you’ll find all of these facilities:

Weapon Workbench, Spacesuit Workbench, Industrial Workbench, Research Lab, Pharmaceutical Lab, Cooking Station and Constellation Mission Board.

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What Are The Hidden Mission In Starfield?

The Lodge holds many secrets and surprises for players exploring every corner.

However, one of these secrets is an additional mission line that can be triggered by interacting with a book in The Lodge.

Similarly, this secret mission provides players with more content to explore and rewards them with valuable items.

To trigger the additional mission line follow the steps given below:

  1. Find a book titled “Sir Livingstone’s Second Journal” on one of the shelves in The Lodge.
Sir Livingstone's Second Journal book in Starfield
Sir Livingstone’s Second Journal book in Starfield.
  1. Read the book to trigger the mission called “Visit the Apollo Landmark on Luna.
  2. Go to Luna’s surface of the Earth’s moon and look for clues leading to an Apollo Landmark.
  3. After finding the Apollo Landmark on Luna, return to the Lodge to complete the mission.

Completing this mission will unlock new dialogue options with some characters in The Lodge and new quests related to Jemison’s secrets.

Importance Of A Lodge In Starfield

The Lodge is a central hub for the Constellation, a faction of explorers and adventurers who seek to uncover the secrets of the cosmos.

It serves as a place where players can embark on essential missions, report back after discovering artifacts, and ultimately finish their time with Starfield.

The Lodge is important in Starfield’s story progression and character development.

It also serves as a place for players to interact with characters from different factions and backgrounds, forming friendships or rivalries.

Rewards You Can Get At The Lodge

Players can earn various rewards by completing missions at The Lodge, including credits, experience, weapons, armor, and spacesuit.

These rewards can help players improve their equipment, stats, and abilities and unlock new features and options in Starfield.

In addition to these rewards, players should be aware of several hidden secrets and easily missable items within The Lodge. For instance:

  1. Players can find a magazine in The Lodge that offers a permanent five percent reduction in fall damage.
Constellation Guide 01 Magazine in Starfield
Constellation Guide 01 Magazine in Starfield.
  1. Interacting with a book in The Lodge triggers an additional mission line that provides players more content to explore.
  2. The armor found on the mannequin in The Lodge has substantial credit values.
  3. The booster pack is worth 11,655 credits, the helmet is worth over 9,255 credits, and the spacesuit has a whopping 35,410 credits.
Mark I Spacesuit in Starfield
Mark I Spacesuit in Starfield.

These valuable items can significantly benefit players, especially early in the game.

The Bottom Line

The Lodge offers a variety of features, activities, and secrets that make it a must-visit destination for any player.

Whether you are looking for adventure, exploration, or socialization, the Lodge has something for everyone.

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