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Starfield Kepler R Vs. Kepler S: Which One To Choose?

In Starfield, one of the most critical aspects of the game is your ship, which is your primary mode of transportation and combat.

Starfield has many types of ships, and the most famous ships in the game are Kepler R and Kepler S.

When comparing Kepler R and Kepler S in Starfield, you can obtain these for free. During the Overdesigned mission, players can select any ship while designing a chip for Zane, a client.

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Finding Kepler R In Starfield

Kepler R is a ship that specializes in exploration and trade. It has a high fuel capacity of 2800, which allows it to travel long distances without refueling.

Additionally, it has a high reactor power of 24, which gives it more energy for its weapons and systems.

It also has a high jump range of 30 light years, which means it can reach faraway star systems faster than other ships.

Kepler R ship overview in Starfield
Kepler R ship overview in Starfield.

Similarly, it has a cargo space of 3550, ideal for carrying valuable resources and goods. It also has a high shield of 805 and a balanced weapon system of 44 missiles and 38 lasers.

Furthermore, the Kepler R can be obtained by progressing through the main story where you get a mission from Walter Stroud called “Over Designed.”

He then sends you to his shipyard where you help his R&D team to decide on a ship.

Kepler R ship
Kepler R ship in Starfield.

However, depending on your choices you will get one of the ships from the first one off the assembly line.

Similarly, you must choose the best performance and big ship option and convince Jules to make it.

Afterward, talking to Walter Stroud, he will give you the Kepler S ship for free.

However, since this is a big ship, you need to have max piloting skills to pilot this ship.

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Finding Kepler S In Starfield

Kepler S is a ship that specializes in combat and stealth. It has a low fuel capacity of 400, so it has to refuel more often than other ships.

Additionally, it has a low reactor power of 18, which gives it less energy for its weapons and systems.

Its moderate jump range of 27 light years is still enough to travel between most star systems.

Kepler S had a small cargo space in 3200, which limited its trading potential. However, it also has a decent shield of 570 and has no default weapons equipped.

Kepler S ship
Kepler S ship overview in Starfield.

Similarly, the Kepler S can be obtained similar to the Kepler R mission.

However, the only difference would be choosing a compromise ship rather than a big one.

Kepler S ship
Kepler S ship in Starfield.

Afterward, similar to the Kepler R mission you need to talk to Walter Stroud to get the ship for free.

However, you don’t need a max piloting skill for the Kepler S since it is a small ship.

Difference Between Kepler R Vs Kepler S In Starfield

Kepler R and Kepler S are large ships that can accommodate six crew members.

However, depending on your playstyle and goals, they have different advantages and disadvantages.

Here are some of the main differences between them:

1. Fuel Capacity

Kepler R has a higher fuel capacity than Kepler S so it can travel longer distances without refueling.

This makes it more suitable for exploration and trade missions that require traveling across multiple star systems.

Similarly, having a larger fuel capacity helps to explore the planet and gives an advantage in battle if prolonged.

2. Jump Range 

Kepler R also has a higher jump range than Kepler S, which means it can reach more distant star systems faster than other ships.

This gives it an edge in discovering new planets and civilizations.

Likewise, it also gives an advantage in battle or fleeing from the enemies or authorities.

3. Cargo Space

Kepler R has a much larger cargo space than Kepler S, which means it can carry more resources and goods.

This makes it more profitable to trade with different factions and markets.

However, it also makes Kepler R heavier than Kepler S which is a disadvantage in speed while traveling.

4. Shield

Kepler R has a stronger shield than Kepler S, allowing it to endure greater damage from enemy attacks.

This makes Kepler R more durable in combat situations and can take more damage than Kepler S.

Similarly, the longevity and repairability of Kepler R are better than those of Kepler S.

5. Weapon System

Kepler R has a more robust weapon system than Kepler S, which can damage enemy ships and structures more.

This makes it more effective in offensive missions that require destroying targets or fighting enemies.

Likewise, you are less likely to upgrade Kepler R weapons than Kepler S since it doesn’t have one.

6. Reactor Power

Kepler R has a higher reactor power than Kepler S, which means it has more energy for its weapons and systems.

It gives it more flexibility in using different modules and equipment.

However, the complexity of the reactor and the cost of adding the modules is more complex and expensive in Kepler R than in Kepler S.

The Bottom Line

Kepler R and Kepler S are excellent ships in Starfield, but they have different strengths and weaknesses that make them more or less suitable for different playstyles.

The Kepler R is better for exploration and trade, while Kepler S is better for stealth.

Ultimately, it depends on your preference and your goal in the game. You can also try both ships and see which one you like more.

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