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Starfield Hostile Intelligence Bug: How To Fix?

UC Vanguard is a mission in Starfield where players must investigate a mysterious signal from an alien artifact called Hostile Intelligence.

However, many players have reported encountering a bug in this mission, preventing them from progressing.

Starfield has a Hostile Intelligence bug that impedes players from advancing in the game. However, there are no official solutions for this, but there is a quickaround that can help such as deleting mod, using console command, etc. 

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Hostile Intelligence Bug In Starfield

The Hostile Intelligence bug can occur at different mission stages in Starfield, depending on the player’s choices and actions.

Some of the common symptoms of the bug are:

  1. The quest marker does not update or point to the correct location.
  2. The quest objective does not change or complete after completing a task.
  3. The quest NPC (Sanon) does not follow the player or interact with them.
  4. The quest NPC (Kaiser) does not open the door to the artifact chamber or initiate dialogue with the player.
  5. The quest NPC (TerrorMorph) does not spawn or attack the player.
Stuck in Hostile Intelligence mission in Starfield
Stuck in a Hostile Intelligence mission in Starfield.

These bugs can be frustrating and disappointing for players who want to enjoy the game and its story.

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How To Fix A Hostile Intelligence Bug In Starfield?

The first thing to do when encountering a bug in Starfield is to check if you have a saved file from before you encountered the bug.

If you do, try loading that saved file and see if the bug persists. Reloading a save file can fix minor glitches or errors in the game.

If reloading a save file does not work, you can try some of the following methods to fix or workaround the bug:

1. Fast Travel Out Of The Area And Return

One of the most straightforward solutions is to travel out of the area where the bug occurs and then return.

For example, if you are stuck on Londinion, you can fast-travel to a nearby planet and then return.

This might trigger the quest to resume and help you to continue your game.

2. Disable And Delete All Mods

Another possible cause of the bug is mod conflict. If you have downloaded and installed any mods for Starfield, they might interfere with the game’s scripts and cause glitches.

To avoid this, temporarily disable and delete all mods before attempting the Hostile Intelligence questline.

Likewise, you can do this by going to the game’s main menu, selecting Mods, and then uninstalling and deleting them.

3. Use Console Commands

Console commands are commands that you can type in a particular window that opens when you press ~ on your keyboard.

This allows you to change various aspects of the game, such as your stats, inventory, location, etc.

However, they can also cause unintended consequences or turn off achievements, so use them at your own risk.

4. Wait For A Patch

If none of the above methods work for you, you might have to wait for Bethesda to release a patch that fixes the bug.

The developers are aware of the issue and are working on a solution.

For updates, checking their official website or social media accounts is recommended. You can also contact their customer support for help.

Message from Bethesda about the bug in Starfield
Message from Bethesda about Starfield bug.

How To Complete A Hostile Intelligence Mission In Starfield?

If you manage to fix or workaround the bug, you can proceed to complete the hostile intelligence mission in Starfield.

The Hostile Intelligence mission is one of Starfield’s most essential and challenging quests.

It involves discovering and infiltrating an ancient alien structure with a powerful secret.

To complete this mission, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Join the UC Vanguard faction by talking to Commander Hatoum on Londinion.
  2. Travel to Alpha Centauri and meet Sanon at Toliman II.
  3. Fight your way through the TerrorMorph-infested planet and reach the Hostile Intelligence.
  4. Enter the Hostile Intelligence and solve its puzzles.
  5. Confront Kaiser and decide his fate.
  6. Escape from the Hostile Intelligence before it self-destructs.
Completing the Hostile Intelligence mission in Starfield
Completing the Hostile Intelligence mission in Starfield.

The Hostile Intelligence mission has multiple endings depending on your choices and actions.

However, you can also destroy or spare Kaiser, ally or betray Sanon and learn or reject the truth about the Hostile Intelligence.

Similarly, each outcome will have consequences for your character and the galaxy.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Hostile Intelligence bug is a frustrating problem that affects many Starfield players.

It prevents them from completing one of the main quests in the game and enjoying its story.

However, there are possible ways to fix it, such as fast traveling out of the area, disabling mods, using console commands, or waiting for a patch.

Bethesda will soon release a permanent solution to make the Hostile Intelligence questline smooth and bug-free.

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