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Sell Contraband In Starfield: Mastering New Atlantis And Beyond

In the vast expanse of Starfield, a game teeming with limitless possibilities, players often find themselves entangled in a web of intrigue and lawlessness.

The allure of profit draws them into the dark world of contraband trade, where every item marked with a yellow Contraband icon holds the promise of riches and the risk of dire consequences.

Contraband trade in Starfield involves dealing in rare, illegal items marked by a yellow icon, with Trade Authority vendors as key players in this risky but profitable game.

This article explores the labyrinthine world of contraband trade in New Atlantis’s bustling city, a Starfield universe’s central hub.

Understanding The Starfield Contraband System

Before delving into the specifics of selling contraband in New Atlantis, it’s essential to grasp the basics of the Starfield contraband system.

In Starfield, Contraband refers to rare items that have been declared illegal, marked by the unmistakable yellow icon.

These illicit goods include anything from drugs to illegal ship modifications, which are highly sought after in the dark corners of the galaxy.

When you approach a planet or settlement, your ship undergoes a thorough scan for contraband.

If the authorities detect any illegal items on board, you face a grim choice whether to surrender the goods, pay a hefty fine, or serve time behind bars.

Therefore, the key to profiting from contraband lies in the delicate dance of smuggling and selling these forbidden treasures.

The Trade Authority: Your Partner In Crime

In the vast settlements of Starfield, where most vendors follow the rules, there’s a special group known as the Trade Authority.

They’re like a hope for folks who want to deal in illegal stuff, but here’s the thing you can’t just use their kiosks; you must visit their shops.

starfield sell contraband new atlantis trade
Location of Trade Authority at Akila City.

You can find these shops in places like New Atlantis, Neon, Cydonia, and The Key, marked by bright yellow signs.

So, if you’re into contraband trading, these are your go-to spots.

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Selling Contraband In New Atlantis

Selling contraband in New Atlantis involves a unique set of challenges and opportunities.

In this bustling city, controlled by the United Colonies, the authorities are vigilant, and smuggling contraband is risky.

Upon arrival, you’ll face strict contraband scans when attempting to sell illegal goods in New Atlantis.

Most of the shops in New Atlantis are located at The Well, to sell contraband at The Well you must take the elevator from the MAST District near the transit station.

entrance well
Entrance from The Well to sell the items.

If detected, you might be forced to pay hefty fines, serve jail time, or even engage in combat to protect your goods.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that most vendors in the city won’t entertain illegal items.

To successfully sell contraband in New Atlantis, you’ll need to locate the Trade Authority shop, which is one of the few places willing to deal with such goods.

Typically found in the city, this shop provides a way to offload your contraband for a profit, making your criminal endeavors in New Atlantis potentially lucrative, albeit perilous.

Upgrade Ship For Smuggling Contraband

The first step to becoming a successful smuggler in Starfield is upgrading your ship.

You must update with specific modules designed to elude contraband scans.

The two crucial components while upgrading the ship are:

1. Shielded Cargo Hold

The Shielded Cargo Hold is essential for ensuring your contraband remains hidden when you’re approaching a planet.

It acts as a protective shield, preventing scanners from detecting any illegal goods on board.

This way, you can safely navigate through heavily monitored areas without arousing suspicion or getting caught.

2. Scan Jammer

Scan Jammers are a critical addition to your ship’s anti-detection arsenal.

Disrupting and confusing enemy scans significantly enhances your chances of slipping past security checkpoints undetected.

With these devices onboard, you’ll be able to maintain your cover as a successful smuggler in the vast and dangerous world of Starfield.

When adding these upgrades to your ship, remember that it’s not just about having them; it’s about how you use them.

Maintain A Delicate Balance

Successfully smuggling contraband requires finesse, as even with a Shielded Cargo Hold, contraband scans can still detect your illicit cargo if it’s overflowing.

To evade scans effectively, maintain a delicate balance – only a portion of your cargo should contain contraband.

Think of it like this: in real life, smuggling illicit goods in a crowded truck is riskier than hiding them among legal items.

In Starfield, the same principle applies to smuggling contraband.

If your Shielded Cargo Hold has a 100kg capacity, having 80-90kg or more of contraband significantly increases the risk of detection.

Aim to carry around 20kg of contraband or less to pass through undetected.

Embrace Deception

In your quest to outsmart the contraband scans, consider investing in the Deception skill nestled in the social skill tree.

Unlocking this skill requires spending four skill points in social, followed by a fifth point to unlock Deception.

Each Deception rank decreases contraband scans’ effectiveness, offering a significant advantage when smuggling.

The Bottom Line

Players navigate a high-stakes game of risk and reward in the Starfield universe’s intricate web of contraband trade.

Contraband, marked by the ominous yellow icon, presents the promise of wealth and the peril of capture.

Moreover, smugglers carve a path to prosperity in this clandestine world through cunning, strategic ship upgrades, and deception mastery.

In Starfield’s New Atlantis, the contraband trade offers both the thrill of danger and the allure of untold riches for those daring enough to explore its depths.

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