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Should You Mutilate The Brain Or Not In BG3?

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a role-playing game that allows you to make various choices that affect the story and the gameplay.

One of the choices you have to make early in the game is whether to mutilate the brain.

In BG3, when you remove Myrnath’s brain in the Nautiloid, you can choose whether to mutilate the brain or not. However, mutilating the brain will become your pet; if you don’t, it will be set free. 

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What Does Mutilate Mean In BG3?

In BG3, mutilating is an action you can perform on particular creatures or objects using your thumb.

It involves digging your thumb into their flesh or surface and twisting it, causing damage and pain.

One of the creatures you can mutilate is the brain of Myrnath, a dying high-elf on the Nautiloid.

Location of the brain in Nautiloid
Location of the brain in Nautiloid.

He was infected with a parasitic creature that became an intellect devourer, an aberration that feeds on the minds of other creatures to take control of the brain.

However, the intellect devourer is also known as Us.

You can encounter Myrnath in the game’s first chapter on Nautiloid, where he is lying in the second room.

The brain will ask for your help to remove from his head. You can either inspect the brain, ignore him, or mutilate him.

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Should You Mutilate The Brain Or Not In BG3?

There are many choices if you want to mutilate the brain or not, which can be complicated to choose for some players.

Here are some of the choices that you can get in BG3:

1. if You Mutilate The Brain

If you mutilate the brain, you need to remove the brain from Myrnath‘s head by gently destroying or pulling the skull.

After pulling the brain out, you need to put your thumb into it to mutilate it, and it will grow tentacles and legs.

bg3 mutilate the brain or not
Mutilating the brain using the thumb.

However, if you interact with the brain, it will say it is as US. He will then become your pet and lead you to the helm.

2. If You Do Not Mutilate The Brain

If you do not mutilate the brain, you will spare it and set it free. It can still communicate telepathically, follow you around, and lead you to the helm.

However, it will not become your pet, but it will also not attack you.

3. If You Ignore The Brain

If you ignore the brain, you will leave it to die inside Myrnath’s head. It will not be able to communicate with you or follow you around.

You will miss out on some dialogue and interactions with them.

However, you will also not be able to go to the helm as it is the only thing that can guide you.

What Are The Other Options In BG3?

Besides mutilating or not mutilating the brain, there are other options that you can explore in BG3 regarding this creature.

Here are the other options that you can take in BG3:

1. Inspect The Exposed Brain

When you inspect the exposed brain, you will first inspect the brain and what it is about.

However, the brain will try to communicate with you through the telepathy.

It will then try to plead for help to remove it from Myrnath’s head.

2. Destroy The Brain

It will resist you if you try to destroy the brain by pulling it out from Myrnath’s head.

Furthermore, if you use force to pull it out, you must battle and destroy it.

Fighting against the brain
Fighting against the brain.

However, it is not hard to destroy it since it is already weakening and has low HP.

When choosing these options, there is also an incident when you fail to pull it out using Dexterity.

bg3 mutilate the brain or not
Failing the Dexterity while pulling the brain out.

Then, even if you try to mutilate the brain, it will not work, and you will also be unable to communicate with the brain using telepathy.

In this case, you will need to fight and destroy the brain.

The Bottom Line

Whether to mutilate the brain or not in BG3 is one of the many decisions you must make in this game.

It affects how the brain will interact with you and choose to be hostile or not.

You can explore other options regarding this creature, such as letting it free, rejecting, killing, or leaving it behind.

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