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How To Defeat The Police Officer In Lies Of P?

Lies of P allows players to experience an immersive experience through challenging combat, exploration and puzzle-solving.

As players dive deeper into the game, they need to face various enemies with unique abilities.

One of the enemies in Lies of P that players have a hard time with is the Police Officer, a mini-boss on Elysion Boulevard given its agile and aggressive nature.

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Defeating The Police Officer Mini-Boss

Players will encounter the Police Officer mini boss once they enter The House On Elysion Boulevard.

Inside The House On Elysion Boulevard is the second part of the Elysion Boulevard, while the first part is the Elysion Boulevard Entrance.

Despite being a mini-boss, many players have trouble with the police officer.

The Police Officer is equipped with a revolver and a baton and is greatly agile and aggressive.

Police Officer Mini Boss in Lies of P.
Police Officer Mini-Boss in Lies of P.

The primary attacks of the officer consist of a forward charge and slash with the baton, round baton sweeps and the swing strikes.

Having a slight delay in the attack speed while swinging, players tend to find it difficult to match the timings with the mini-boss.

Players can defeat the mini-boss by keeping an eye on its attacks and reading its movements.

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Tips To Avoiding Police Officer’s Attacks

Firstly, players can try keeping a distance from the officer as it is most dangerous when in close and get some strikes when possible.

Next, players can dodge its attacks as it is relatively slower despite being of an aggressive nature.

The best option would be to parry its attack, which requires players to time their attacks perfectly with the officers.

Upon parrying the attack, the officer is staggered for a moment. When that happens, players can fatal damage with heavy attacks.

Players can also make use of the surroundings to their advantage by hiding behind objects or using them to ambush the officer.

Aside from that, players can also dodge the whole fight itself, as the fight is optional for the storyline’s progress.

Rewards For Defeating The Police Officer

Upon completion of certain tasks, players are rewarded with weapons and armor, ergo, records and achievements.

In addition to that, players can also earn specific awards by completing side quests or discovering hidden areas.

Similarly, on defeating the Police Officer, players are rewarded with the Krat Police Baton Head and Krat Police Baton Handle.

1. Krat Police Baton Head

It is a weapon piece that can be used to forge the Krat Police Baton.

Apart from the damage, it provides players with guard abilities which gets the damage reduction rate while guarding to 51.88.

Krat Police Baton Head In Lies Of P.
Krat Police Baton Head In Lies Of P.

2. Krat Police Handle

It is also a weapon piece that can be combined with the Krat Police Baton Head to create the Krat Police Baton.

Furthermore, the fable art of the weapon piece provides strike chance and temporary increase in attack for the next hit.

Krat Police Handle In Lies Of P.
Krat Police Handle In Lies Of P.

Both of these pieces can be removed and combined with different pieces to forge a completely new weapon.

In addition, players will also get access to the Elysion Boulevard area, where players can find several other valuable items and crafting materials.

Players can strengthen themselves to explore the area, but it is unnecessary for progress in the storyline.

Moving further ahead, players will find themselves at Alchemist Bridge and across the bridge will be the next boss, Mad Donkey.

The Bottom Line

In Lies of P, there are a number of characters and bosses based on different locations.

As players move further ahead in the storyline, they must face more powerful bosses and other enemies as well.

One of which is the Police Officer, who, despite being just a mini-boss is quite tough to deal with.

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