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BG3 Bulette Runs Away: How To Defeat?

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a role-playing game that features various monsters and enemies to challenge the players.

One of the most formidable foes in the game is the Bulette, a massive beast that resembles a cross between a shark and an armadillo.

In BG3, Bulette runs away because you took a long time to defeat him, which activates him to use borrow and escape from the fight with low health. However, some players have encountered a problem where the Bulette returns to full health.

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What Is The Bulette In BG3?

Bulette is one of the most challenging bosses in Baldur’s Gate 3, as it has a high armor class, hit points, and damage output.

Additionally, it is a creature that can be found in the Underdark, which is a vast network of caverns and tunnels located beneath the surface.

It has several passive features such as attack of opportunity and Darkvision. The boss will sometimes encounter these enemies and engage in combat with them.

However, he can burrow underground and leap out to attack with its powerful jaws and claws.

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Why Does The Bulette Runs Away In BG3?

The Bulette has a unique ability called Burrow Speed, allowing it to move underground quickly.

It can use this ability to escape from a fight it deems too risky or unfavorable.

For example, if the Bulette is outnumbered, wounded, or facing a stronger opponent, it will run away from the battle.

It can also use this ability to surprise its enemies by emerging from the ground and attacking them.

Bulette runs away from the battle
Bulette runs away from the battle.

Similarly, the boss’s behavior is influenced by its health and morale. The lower its health and morale are, the more likely it is to run away.

Its health can be reduced by damaging it with physical or magical attacks.

The Bulette’s morale can be lowered using specific abilities or items that cause fear, intimidation, or confusion.

For instance, some players have reported that using Command (Halt) or Menacing Strike on the Bulette can make it more likely to flee.

How To Beat The Bulette In BG3?

Before facing the Bulette, it is recommended that players plan and prepare. There are various strategies and tips that can help you defeat Bulette in the game.

Here are some of the tips that will help you beat the boss in BG3:

1. Use Consumables

Before engaging the Bulette, you can use various consumables to boost your stats and abilities.

For example, you can use potions of speed, hill giant strength, healing, or invisibility for surprise attacks.

Using Consumables to prepare for battle before facing the Bulette
Using Consumables to prepare for battle before facing the Bulette.

Similarly, you can use Scrolls of the Shield of Faith, mage armor, mirror image, or blur to block the Bulette attack.

Furthermore, to slow it down, use poisons or oils on your weapons or sapphires on your magic missiles.

2. Use The Terrain

You can use the Terrain to your advantage by positioning yourself on higher ground, behind cover, or near light sources.

This can give you bonuses to hit, damage, or defense or negate the disadvantages caused by darkness or blindness.

However, do not position yourself on the cliff’s edge, which will make you fall while battling the Bulette.

Use the Terrain to your advantage by place faraway from each other
Use the Terrain to your advantage by placing companions away from each other.

3. Use Allies

You can use your allies to help you fight the bulette. For example, you can recruit a temporary party member to fight against the boss.

Similarly, you can also lure the bulette near other hostile creatures such as hook horrors or minotaurs who will attack it.

4. Use Tactics

Players can use various tactics to outsmart and damage the bulette. For example, you can spread out your party members to avoid its area of effect attacks.

Furthermore, you can use stealth and hide actions to gain an advantage on your attacks.

Using Tactics to beat the Bulette
Using Tactics to fight against the Bulette.

Similarly, you can also use debuffs such as faerie fire, cloud of daggers, moonbeam, or witch bolt to reduce its defenses or damage it over time.

Likewise, using crowd control effects such as knockdown, stun, prone, or halt to prevent it from moving or attacking.

5. Use Savepoint

If none of the above options work, you can use SavePoint as a last resort. This involves saving your progress before battling the Bulette and reloading it if necessary.

However, you should be aware of the consequences of reloading the game. While reloading the game you might face some changes in random elements of the game, such as loot drops, dice rolls or enemy spawns.

This way, you can try different approaches until you find one that works.

The Bottom Line

The Bulette is a formidable foe in BG3, but it is not unbeatable. It is not invincible and it will run away from the fight if it deems it too risky or unfavorable.

You can overcome this obstacle and claim your reward by understanding why it runs away and how to counter it.

However, you can use consumables, Terrain, allies, tactics, and Savepoint to your advantage.

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