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What Is Mysterious Elixir In BG3?

Baldur’s Gate 3 allows you to craft numerous potions, elixirs, coatings, or grenades without knowing their effects.

While you will have an idea about the default crafts in the game, you will not know where to find your creations and their aftermath.

In BG3, Mysterious Elixir is one of the mysterious potions with a unique ability i.e., faking death. This ability allows you to cope with situations and enemies and escape the hassles.

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The Mystery Potions In BG3

Most of the potions are the primary part of the game, and you can access them with the game’s storyline.

But there are potions that you will encounter in random places that can not be bought from merchants or vendors.

Crafting Potion In BG3
Crafting Potion In BG3.

Although the potions are rare in nature and serve unique purposes, some of them have adverse effects.

So, it is essential to examine and consider the usages and risks of the potions before consuming them.

These potions are unique in their ways and have a significant role in altering your gameplay.

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The Mysterious Elixir

The Mysterious Elixir is one of the mysterious potions found on the Chamberlain’s desk in Nautiloid.

The most powerful characteristic of the elixir is that it can feign (fake) death for ten turns, making the player immune to damage.

As the player will be faking his death, he cannot move or perform any act until the potion effect remains.

Uses Of The Mysterious Elixir

First, you can use the elixir to escape dangerous situations, avoid traps and trick your enemies.

Secondly, you can survive any fatal blow, but this must be revived within ten turns.

It is essential to revive within the given timeframe, or else the player dies permanently.

One must use the mysterious elixir with precautions as it is not very readily available and is quite valuable.

The Drawbacks Of The Mysterious Elixir

Although the potion of Mysterious Elixir in BG3 is rare, it has some drawbacks, and they are:

The elixir can not be consumed by a character who is already dead, and those alive can only use it once.

Further, the player who has consumed the potion will be unable to perform any act due to feigned death.

Also, they will be more vulnerable to enemy attacks because they are at rest and passive under the influence of the elixir.

Some Other Mysterious Potions

There are other Mysterious Potions in Baldur’s Gate 3. They are as follows:

  1. Karabasan Gift: A mystery potion that causes a player or target to be paralyzed for one turn.
  2. Broken Promises: This potion helps increase the target’s strength by two until they are not resting. However, if the target takes an extremely long time to rest, their Streetlight score is reduced by 1
  3. Lost Time: The potion helps to reduce the Armour Class by two, doesn’t allow them to take any action, and lasts up to 5o minutes.
  4. Heart of Stone: A potion that allows the target to resist the poison damage until they rest.
  5. Lover’s Avarice: A potion that permanently reduces the target’s wisdom score by one.

The Bottom Line

In summary, Baldur’s Gate 3 introduces a range of intriguing and mysterious potions, including the Mysterious Elixir.

It allows you to fake death, cope with attacks, and escape dangerous situations and enemies.

With both practical applications and limitations, it is a valuable but cautious tool for players to wield in their adventures.

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