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Charisma Hat In BG3: How To Obtain?

Charisma is one of the essential attributes in Baldur’s Gate 3, affecting persuasion, deception, intimidation, and performance skills.

High charisma can open up new dialogue options, influence the outcome of quests, and improve your relationships with companions and NPCs.

In BG3, a charisma hat, also known as Birthright, boosts the charisma up to +2 with a maximum of 22 charisma. There are two ways to find the charisma hat either buy from the shop or through the Night Song Quest.

Continue reading more about charisma hat and how to obtain them in BG3.

What Is Charisma Hat In BG3?

A Charisma hat is a very rare helmet, which is also known as Birthright.

This item grants you a +2 bonus to your charisma score, up to a maximum of 22.

This means you can have a charisma of 20 at character creation and still benefit from this item.

However, using this item will help you increase the chances of outcome through the quest.

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How To Obtain Charisma Hat in BG3?

There are two ways to obtain the charisma hat in BG3. They are as belows:

1. Buying From A Shop

This method is relatively simple but requires some gold. After reaching Wyrm’s Crossing in Baldur’s Gate 3, head to the Lower City.

If you have the Night Song Quest active, follow the map to find “Sorcerous Sundries,” a magic shop.

Inside the shop, you can purchase “Birthright,” a rare item that grants +2 Charisma, raising it to 22.

Buy Charisma Hat from the Shop
Buy Charisma Hat from the Shop.

This method is relatively easy but expensive, which can cost around 500+ gold depending on the game.

The shop also offers other items beneficial for spellcasters, like “Quick Spell Gloves,” which allow you to cast a cantrip as a bonus action once per short rest.

Similarly, they also have “Vest of Soul Rejuvenation,” which restores one spell slot up to the 4th level when you are reduced to 0 hit points.

Likewise, they also offer “Armor of Landfall,” which grants you resistance to physical damage and immunity to prone conditions.

2. Night Song Quest

This method is more complicated but potentially accessible, so you must have the Night Song Quest active.

Activating the “Night Song Quest” helps you to obtain the charisma hat.

Once you have the quest active, walk up to an NPC near Sorcerous Sundries, who will explain the Night Song’s importance and the need to go through a portal.

Afterward, travel through the portal and speak to a wizard named Lorroakan.

Talk to the wizard name Lorroakan about Night Song
Talk to the wizard named Lorroakan about Night Song.

You can choose to deceive him or tell the truth about the Night Song’s existence. Either way, you can proceed through the game.

Return to your camp and inform Night Song about the situation, which she agrees to help.

Leave the camp, possibly after a short rest, to ensure the NPC from earlier has disappeared.

Return to the portal location and engage in combat with some enemies.

After defeating them, you receive the “Birthright” item (Charisma +2), “Armor of Landfall,” and “Vest of Soul Rejuvenation” for free.

Obtain Charisma Hat and other items after defeating the enemies
Obtain Charisma Hat and other items after defeating the enemies.

Even if you don’t need these other items, you can sell them for a profit.

What Are The Features Of Charisma Hat In BG3?

The Charisma Hat is one of the best items for any character who relies on charisma for their skills or abilities.

Here are some of the features of charisma hat in BG3:

  1. It increases your charisma score by 2 points, up to a maximum of 22. This means you can influence the game world more, persuade or deceive more people, and access more dialogue options.
  2. It boosts your spellcasting ability if you are a bard, warlock, paladin, or sorcerer. You can have higher spell save DCs, attack modifiers, and slots.
  3. It enhances your performance in social situations like romance, friendship, or rivalry. This means you can have more options and outcomes with your companions and NPCs.
  4. It complements your character’s personality and appearance. The Charisma Hat is a stylish accessory that suits any character who wants to be charismatic and charming.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Charisma Hat is one of the valuable items in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Furthermore, you can obtain this item by buying it from Sorcerous Sundries or completing the Night Song Quest and defeating enemies.

Either way, you will also get some other valuable items from spellcasters, which you sell for a profit.

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