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How To Unlock Toga In My Hero Ultra Rumble?

“My Hero Ultra Rumble” is a brand-new battle royale game that allows players to unlock their favorite characters like Deku and Toga, to compete in an action-packed battle royale.

The game features beloved characters from the famous manga and anime, My Hero Academia.

In My Hero Ultra Rumble, Himiko Toga can be unlocked after reaching the 15th tier of the Special License tab. 

Continue reading more about different ways to unlock Toga in My Hero Ultra Rumble.

Currency System In My Hero Ultra Rumble

In MHU Rumble, there are multiple currency systems that may confuse players.

In fact, there are around six to seven currencies in the game which serve their specific purpose.

1. Hero Crystals

Hero crystals are a premium currency in the game that can buy costumes or license exp in MHA grumble.

Additionally, these crystals can be used to perform gacha roll to unlock some of the rarest characters in the game.

Hero Crystal Rates In My hero Rumble
Hero Crystal Rates In My Hero Rumble.

However, players need to spend real money in order to have access to this currency.

2. Coins

Coins are the basic currency of the games which can be easily accumulated after playing games or completing achievements.

They can be used to buy basic items in the game like common character costumes or rental tickets.

3. Rental Tickets

Rental Tickets are a unique currency of My Hero Ultra Rumble which can be used to rent a character for a limited time.

And this currency can be easily accessed by purchasing it or completing certain game objectives.

4. Character Tickets

Character Tickets as the name suggests, is a ticket which is used to unlock some characters permanently.

Additionally, Character Tickets are also awarded to the players when they log in for the first time into the game.

Character Ticket To Unlock Characters In My Hero Super Rumble
Character Ticket For Unlocking Characters In My Hero Ultra Rumble.

Currently, the characters that can be unlocked by it are Denki Kaminari, Itsuka Kendo, Tenya Lida.

5. Pro License Tickets

Pro Licence Tickets are specific currencies that can be used to unlock rewards within the Pro License Tab.

Also, this specific currency helps to unlock pro license quests and rewards in the game each month.

6. Special License Exp

It is another premium currency of the game which is used specifically for the Special Licence tab.

However, players must buy Hero Crystals via the store section in order to exchange them for License Exp.

Alternatively, it is also awarded to the players after winning a game.

Toga And Other Characters In License Tab

There are many characters in the game that can be unlocked through character tickets and
rental tickets.

Character Tickets are awarded to new players and can also be achieved after completing match objectives.

Currently, players can unlock Denki Kaminari, Itsuka Kendo, Tenya Lida by using character tickets.

On the other hand, Rental Tickets can be used to rent the playable heroes for a certain period of time.

Similarly, these tickets can be achieved by completing the match objectives or the gacha rolls.

Special licence tab tier 15 Toga Himiko
Special license tab tier 15 Toga Himiko.

But characters like Toga and All Might can be only unlocked via the special license tab which requires license exp.

Also, the only way to get license exp for free to play(f2p) players is by playing or winning the game.

Accumulating this exp will allow players to unlock hero characters like Bakugo, Todoroki, and Tsuyu when they reach tier 7.

However, there is an easier way to unlock Toga which requires players to purchase Hero crystals in the item shop.

Further, these Hero Crystals can be exchanged for Hero Exp which is the currency for unlocking the tiers in the license tab.

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Unlocking Toga Himiko Faster

Unlocking Toga can be a daunting task for players due to the substantial amount of time required to farm license experience.

Note that winning a game known as a “game set” rewards players with 2000 experience points.

But to unlock even a singular tier in the special license tab, players need a total of 30,000 experience points.

Hence, players need a total of 450,000 experience points to unlock every tier leading to Toga.

Unlocking tiers in My Hero Super Rumble
Unlocking tiers in My Hero Ultra Rumble.

On Paper, a player must win 225 games which will take around 75 days to unlock Toga if they win 3 games per day(6000 points each day).

However, players have the option to amplify their progress by using Hero Crystals to purchase experience points.

But although players can reach tier 15 faster by this approach, this accelerated approach comes at a cost.

In fact, players need to spend around $60 to unlock Toga, even when purchasing experience points using hero crystals.

The Bottom Line

Players need to invest either a lot of time or money to unlock characters like Toga and All Might in My Hero Ultra Rumble.

Given this situation of Toga, even the community of My Hero Ultra Rumble has complained online.

However, the true fans of Toga can still acquire this character with a bit of perseverance in the game without spending.

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