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Destiny 2: Imbaru Engine Part The Mists Quest

“Part the Mists” is an objective found within the Imbaru Engine as part of the Cunning Test Puzzle quest in Destiny 2.

Imbaru Engine is a new region on the map that was introduced in the newest season of Destiny 2.

In Destiny 2, players must open the correct chests in three different puzzle sections of the Imbaru Engine to complete the “Part The Mists” quest.

Continue reading this article to find out more about Part The Mists quest In Imbaru Engine in Destiny 2.

Part The Mist In Destiny 2

Part the Mist is an event-exclusive objective that can be completed once the “Gift of Cunning” quest is completed.

Currently, this is one of the two quests within the Imbaru Engine, which tests the player’s ability to solve a chest-related puzzle.

This quest can be obtained during Week 5 of the Season of the Witch campaign, specifically in Step 35.

This step is relatively straightforward: open the chests with the Hive rune with an X shape pointing towards them.

Locating The Imbaru Engine In Destiny 2

The Imbaru Engine is a brand new location on the HELM map in the Season of the Witch.

To enter this destination, simply open the map and select the Imbaru Engine which is located on the right side.

Embaru Engine In Destiny 2
Imbaru Engine In Destiny 2.

However, if the Imbaru Engine is not showing on the map, players must claim the “Gift of the Cunning” minor arcana card.

Specifically, this card can be attained through the table with incense and candles which is known as the Lectern Of Devination.

After receiving this card, players need to open their inventory and click twice on this card to claim it.

Finally, open the map once again after possessing this card to reveal the Imbaru Engine.

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How To Complete Part of The Mists Objective?

Players must open all the correct versions of chests to complete this puzzle.

In contrast to this, picking the wrong chest will result in the failure of this quest.

Thus, players must have educational guidance on the specific rules for solving this puzzle.

Part 1

In order to start the puzzle, head toward the Imbaru engine and hover through the green beam of light to reach the upper floor.

Then, step Inside the Glowing green circle on the floor and activate the ritual which marks the start of the quest.

After moving further up,  you will witness two chests with two different patterns: A jellyfish and a Star.

Ignore the Jellyfish and pick the chest with the Star shape which is located on the left side of the room.

Star Shape Symbol
Star Shape Symbol

If you open a chest with the wrong symbol pointing at it, you will die and the chests will reset.

Hence, use the expert tracker mod on your ghost to reveal chest locations in your vicinity.

This section only requires unlocking one correct chest whose purpose is to teach players about the puzzle format.

Part 2

The second portion of the puzzle requires players to unlock more star-shaped chests.

Hence, activate the tracker mod on your ghost so that you can track all the chests that are available inside the room.

Like Section One, players must continue to open the chests with Star-shaped marks on them.

However, players need to open two such chests on a floating platform this time.

Floating Platform Section 2
Floating Platform Section 2.

Players can easily locate these two chests on the platform as they lie on the floor.

Additionally, the game’s HUD displays the platform, making it easy for players to find.

Upon opening the second chest, a sinister laugh marks the completion of the second section.

Part 3

The third and final section of the puzzle is also the trickiest of the three. To complete this phase, players must open three correct chests that are marked with a star shape.

But unlike the other sections, the final three chests can be located anywhere in the room.

Additionally, their symbols are located behind them, pointing towards the opposite chest.

Hence, it is important to look not only for the star chest shapes but also for the directions of the runes.

Section 3 Area
Section 3 Area in Destiny 2.

Also, note that the order of the correct chest gets randomized each time the player enters the room or dies.

Hence, the direction of the runes is the key hint to reveal the true Star Star-shaped chests in the room.

In Summary, Players must find three such chests to complete the Cunning Test Puzzle Quest.

Complete this puzzle to earn the Mist and Mysteries seasonal triumph, the Mother Morph secret triumph, as well as Witch Engrams and Witch keys.

The Bottom Line

Part of the Mists is an objective inside the Imbaru Engine, which tests the players’ ability to decipher the puzzle in Destiny 2.

The puzzle is quite tricky because opening the wrong chest leads to the failure of the entire quest.

However, with some perseverance, players can complete this puzzle to complete the”Part the Mist” objective.

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