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Give Gold Coin Fruit To The Black Cat In Lies Of P

In lies of P, Malum District is the origin of both the Black Cat and the Gold Coin Fruit

The Black Cat is one of the two eccentric characters that the players can encounter in the Malum district.

The Gold Coin Fruit is an area-specific in-game currency that can be found within Malum District.

This coin can only be used in two areas of the map: Giongio and Krat Grand Exhibition Studio.

In Lies Of P, the player can befriend the black cat after giving it the gold coin fruit, enabling them to avoid a boss battle when they meet again at the Arche Abbey Outer Hall.

Continue reading to learn about how to give gold coin fruit to black cat in Lies of P.

Where To Find The Black Cat?

The black cat can be found in three different locations on the map.

The decisions taken by the players at each place can affect how the relationship with this character develops.

Location 1: Malum District

When you interact with the black cat and red fox in the Malum district, they will eventually offer you a quest to help them clear the Black Rabbit Hideout.

irst Encounter with Black Cat In Lies Of P.
First Encounter with Black Cat and Red Fox at Malum District.

If you decide to assist them, they will join you in the battle and you will all clear the streets together.

However, if you do not assist them in any way, you will have no more interaction with them.

Hence, take note that your decision has consequences later in the game.

Location 2: Grand Exhibition

If the player decides to offer the fruit to the cat, a friendship bond is established between them.

Furthermore, the red fox gifts the player with the Beg and the Quixotic vinyl record after their interaction.

Second encounter at the Grand Exhibition In Lies Of P
Second encounter with the black cat at the Grand Exhibition.

Whereas, if the player chooses to ignore the interaction, a negative impression forms about the player.

This will play an alternate scene during the final interaction with the Black Cat.

Location 3: Arche Abbey Outer Hall

The final encounter with the black cat happens near the stairs of the Arche Abbey Outer Hall.

At this point in the story, the black cat considers you a friend(if you had positive interactions with him during previous meetings) and again asks for a gold coin fruit.

Third Encounter With Black Cat at Arche Abbey Outer Hall
Third Encounter With Black Cat at Arche Abbey Outer Hall To Give Gold Coin Fruit.

Depending upon whether you handed the gold coin tree to the Black Cat in the previous meeting, this encounter can lead to two different possibilities.

Firstly, giving the gold coin to him will allow players to skip the entire boss fight. In the process, they will also receive the Black Cat Mask.

Alternatively, if the player chooses not to do so, they should prepare for a Boss Fight.

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How To Find The Gold Coin Fruit?

The gold coin fruit is a unique currency that can be only used inside the Malum district.

More importantly, this coin can be found in the Gold Coin Fruit Tree which is located inside the Hotel Krat.

Gold Coin Fruit Tree In lies Of P.
Gold Coin Fruit Tree In Lies Of P.

However, this location can only be accessed via a secret entrance that unlocks once players have successfully defeated the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.

 These coins can be used to attain two types of in-game effects:

1. Upgrade Stats

Players can head to Giangio where they can exchange these coins for Moonstones.

Purchasing Dark Moon Moonstone.
Purchasing Dark Moon Moonstone using gold coin fruit.

Depending upon the type of the Moonstone, these stones can amplify one stat of the player for a set duration during battle or even upgrade the stats of their weapons.

2. Permanent In-Game Effects

First of all, players can spawn at the Grand Exhibition Conference room after defeating the Champion Victor.

Secondly, exploring the entire area will lead them to a closed door at the back of the exhibition room.

This door can only be opened with a key that the players attain after defeating Champion Victor.

The Saintess's Statue In Lies Of P
The Saintess’s Statue.

Finally, they can interact with the Saintess’ Statue beyond the door to reset their character’s level, P-Organ, or Legion Arms.

Choices For Good And Bad Endings

The three encounters you have with the Black cat play a significant role in finalizing whether he gets a good or a bad ending.

A good ending can be achieved if the player has helped the Cat and the Red Fox in all three previous encounters.

Dialogue with Black Cat For Good Ending.
Dialogue with Black Cat For Good Ending.

This selection sequence leads to an ending where the player can entirely skip the two boss fights.

The player will also learn about the sad past of these siblings, which is related to poverty and blindness.

In contrast to the good ending, the bad ending can trigger this mission even if the player chooses to make just one poor choice out of the three.

Good Ending Vs Bad Ending With Black Cat
Good Ending Vs Bad Ending With Black Cat

This ending leads to the deaths of both the Black Cat and the Red Fox by the hands of the player.

Hence, players need to keep at least three gold coin fruits in possession to choose their own ending.

 The Bottom Line

In summary, the Black Cat and the Gold Coin Fruit are both part of the same quest within the Malum District.

This quest has two endings, and the player has full control over what endings they want to get.

in Lies of P, players need to give gold coin fruit to the black cat to attain a good ending.

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