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How To Resolve “Discord Quit Unexpectedly” On Mac?

Discord unexpectedly having quit on the Mac has left the users puzzled on thinking about its possible causes.

It has been serving as a communication platform for many services, but the problems leave the users skeptical thinking about what next.

Mac users are facing a problem with their Discord app as it quits unexpectedly and users are not very sure about the reason, but simple fixes like updating software and reinstalling the app may help.

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Discord Quits Unexpectedly In MacOS: Causes

If you are a Mac user experiencing  Discord quitting unexpectedly, you can perform various troubleshooting steps.

Discord quit unexpectedly on mac
Discord quit unexpectedly on the Mac.

Here are a few possible causes that might be causing your Discord to quit unexpectedly on a Mac:

1. Operating System Issues

You might face an operating system issue if your Discord is out of date and can not handle the new changes.

This might be because you are using a VPN or antivirus software you can try disabling it temporarily to see if that’s the cause.

The problem might also be with your Mac’s operating system which might be out of date, causing the app to crash.

2. Hardware Acceleration Issues

Sometimes if you are using one of the older versions of the Mac, there is a high possibility that you might experience some Hardware Acceleration Issues.

You have to make sure that the Hardware Acceleration option is not selected in the ‘Appearance’ section.

You can try disabling the acceleration option, and the Discord app will restart, and you can verify the status again.

3. Corrupted Files

Discord might crash if the files or folder related to the app are wrongly or illegally installed which corrupts the file causing it to crash.

The files might be ones that are either related to the app itself or the files that are stored in the local storage.

If Discord is still crashing after deleting files, you can try deleting the entire Discord folder to its default settings.

4. Other Software And Hardware Issues

Sometimes the problem is not just with the default supporting software of the app, it might also be because of the other apps on the system.

Along with macOS software, if your device has some other software installed, it might create conflict, causing the app to crash.

You might also face some exceptional cases of Hardware Issues where the app might crash due to hardware device problems. 

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Discord Quits Unexpectedly In MacOS: Fixes

Although the problems you encounter might seem like a huge deal, you can find the problems easily and try various solutions.

Here are some standard fixation techniques to try if your Discord has quit unexpectedly on a Mac:

1. For Operating System Issues

If you are facing an unexpected quit because of outdated software, you can try upgrading the software.

You can update Discord to the latest version and see if the app runs smoothly after your update is complete

Additionally, you can ensure that your Mac’s operating system is up to the latest version as well.

2. For Hardware Acceleration Issues

In case of Hardware acceleration issues, you can try the following steps to turn off the hardware acceleration in Discord:

    1. Open Discord and go to User Settings.
    2. Go to the Appearance section.
    3. Choose Hardware Acceleration.
    4. Find the Enable Hardware Acceleration.
    5. Uncheck the box next to the enable option and click “Save Changes”.

3. For Courropted Files

Sometimes, when you encounter issues with corrupted files, you can try and solve the issue by deleting the Discord cache and local storage:

Deleting Cache Files in Discord
Deleting Cache Files in Discord
    1. First, exit the Discord and then open Finder.
    2. Go to Applications and choose Discord.
    3. Then, right-click the Discord app icon and select Show Package Contents.
    4. In the Package Contents window, navigate to Contents.
    5. Go to the Resources and select the Local Storage option.
    6. And delete the entire Local Storage folder.
    7. Now navigate to Contents, find Resources, and select Discord.
    8. Finally, delete the Cache folder and restart Discord.

4. For Other Software And Hardware Issues

If your software causes conflicts, you can try turning off any other software you run on your Mac while using Discord.

If you still face similar problems, you can try uninstalling any software you think might cause conflict with Discord.

You can solve the hardware issue in Discord with your Mac by ensuring there is no hardware issue or by servicing the device. 

If none of the solutions satisfy your problems, you can contact Apple support for further assistance or check for other glitches in the system.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, if you’re facing the issue of Discord quitting unexpectedly on your Mac, there are several potential causes and fixes to explore.

It could be related to outdated software, hardware, corrupted files, conflicts with other software, or even issues with your Mac.

You can try fixing the problems by updating Discord and your macOS, clearing caches and local storage, and many more.

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